The Single Biggest Business Hurdle to Overcome

Every business around the world has a potential blind spot that seems very trivial, but it can be the deadliest downfall to all: being short-sighted. The bad news is, that this is the majority of the businesses across geographies. Whether it’s from lack of patience or lack of vision, a lot of businesses jump from trend to trend too quickly, making it hard for the business to anchor onto a strategy for a development that is truly long-lasting, and instead they opt for quick, temporary fixes that result in needing to revamp again soon after. We need to stop being “nowists” and think a little bit more ahead, because this lack of strategic thought being put into truly long-lasting changes is going to put everyone at risk. 

Let’s put it this way: when the telecommunications system changed from needing the switchboard operators to landlines that could be handled directly and individually, the operators that were left out of jobs most likely didn’t see it coming, and didn’t know what would become of them. 100 years ago, no one could’ve seen into the future to know that in the decade from 2010-2020 there would be a birth to a new corporate role named “social media manager.” This lack of foresight was forgiven at the time, because we didn’t have the tools to see much into the future of work and our resources in general were limited. Today though, things have changed and it’s up to us to do things better for the next generations of technology professionals that are coming into the field. Some of the ways in which companies can ensure they’re doing the right thing in this regard for themselves include: 

  • Adopt technologies that have room for upgrades: as of late, the best way to acquire the power to use any technology is to use it as a service, paid subscription style. Even the Microsoft Office bundle has changed its format from releases that needed to be “installed” from a CD or a license, to now being a subscription that periodically updates the program with new features when available. The same principle can be applied to software solutions and services, which is also now a best practice across the board. Cloud technology and the democratization of software have made it possible for solutions to become more accessible to all, without having to splurge one big amount at once. Most companies are now comfortably enjoying the solutions they require to run their business on a cloud server where they only pay for the space they use, and do so in small monthly increments. Most solution hosts release quarterly updates to the software, ensuring all customers are getting access to the latest available features, always. 
  • Keep the workforce looking ahead: new perspectives ultimately unfold new dimensions. When you keep your workforce on their toes and engaged towards the future, it changes everything for them, and for your business. Having your company transform digitally can free up the time of your best workers to focus on how to make strategic improvements to your product or service, your business model, or your upcoming offering. Removing the daily, the mundane is key when it comes to this being a reality, and you can do so by leveraging the power of technology. Help your employees help your future by releasing them from the shackles of repetitive tasks, which will undoubtedly result in them being happier at work, feeling more fulfilled, and invested in accomplishing more for the group as a whole.  
  • Do your part for things to be done right from the get-go: when digital transformation is done right (and it rarely is), it should always become a perpetual stepping stone to the next best thing that has not yet been created, but inevitably will. This is a hard concept for many to understand, which is why it’s so important that everyone does. When businesses demand for new technologies to be created, it also forces the developers to get things out fast and furious style. This can cause a lot of issues as the new technologies might not be completely well thought out or dangerously vulnerable. We should all stand together in expecting better, and also empowering those creators with the tools they need to make that happen. If every link in the chain does the best they can to aid in the creation and implementation of the best technology, the whole world will be all the better for it. 

Addressing the concerns of business executives and managers is no easy task, and we’ve been doing it for around two decades now. We’re here to help you understand the journey of innovation while helping you keep your eyes ahead to fulfill your vision – even if not fully materialized yet. Get in touch with us so that we can help you innovate for the future.