5 Things You Should Prevent During Your Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is at the tip of everyone’s tongue these days, but that doesn’t mean that everyone can do it right. We’ve had many cases of customers coming to us disappointed after a long implementation project that either took much more time to complete and probably wasn’t even finished by the time they came to us, or projects that made a lot of promises that weren’t met once all was said and done. Unfortunately, this is what happens in the majority of digital transformation projects, but there’s one hopeful angle: this downfall can be easily averted if you’re doing the right things along the process, and especially if you keep an eye out and avoid doing any of these next five things: 

  1. Going into it without the full vision: because digital transformation is such a buzzword, people tend to rush into things and either implement new technologies for the sake of implementation, or don’t quite understand that automation does not equal keeping everything the same, just doing it digitally now. It is absolutely crucial to have the right information on hand, especially if you’re trying to get your C-Level executives on board with the project, because ensuring that everyone is on the same page about innovation is the only way to get the project off the ground successfully. The path of least resistance isn’t always the best one. 
  2. Not having clear goals: you want to digitally transform? Great, you should! But do you understand why? Or is this a move to grab a seat at the table with everyone else? What some businesses are not understanding is that new companies are coming up every day, ready to get their chance in the gauntlet and they’re offering customers newer and better things, which means businesses will be fighting for “business” more than ever before. If you don’t have clear milestones in mind of what you’d like to offer as a company, and what goals you’d like to reach, then there’s a good chance you’ll get lost in the transformation. 
  3. Getting dazzled by digitalization: we couldn’t have said it better than this piece pointed out. Getting excited about new technologies is inevitable once you see what’s out on the market, but the most important thing is to not forget what you want the technology to accomplish: provide your customer with an unparalleled experience, help your employees do more, help your business grow, etc. 
  4. Being selfish with the transformation: the more you involve your team in the digital transformation process, the more likely it will be a successful implementation. If you keep the teams in silos and hoard the digitization to the high level or high-profile managers only, employees will ultimately resent the company, feel their job is at jeopardy, and resist the innovation, so it won’t take as well. The best think you can do, is follow our advice and include the employees in every step of the process, so they feel like they can effect change as well. 
  5. Going after the biggest challenge: yes, all of the current things that aren’t working perfectly should be fixed, but starting with the biggest challenge might set you up for an uphill climb with a steep incline, or even failure. What we mean here is, keep strategy at the core of what you do. We will always recommend taking a step back and seeing the macro vision before deciding on how to start or what to tackle first. Starting with the smaller issues can create wider ripples that help you inadvertently decrease or completely eliminate bigger obstacles down the line. 

All of these mistakes are things that business owners and managers do surprisingly often during their digitization projects, and it’s not necessarily coming from a bad place. Being misguided by the wrong partner, wanting to be part of a movement, or simply misunderstanding the goals that can be achieved through innovation are enough detours that can completely anchor your company and not let it soar to its desired innovation spot. 

Instead of doing things twice or going the longer route with multiple stops, start your journey on the right foot and let us help you reach your goals of innovation and transformation. We have a long track-record of successful implementations, and our knowledge and experience are sure to help you avoid the issues or mistakes named above as you move forward towards your business automation. Contact us to help you set up your business for sustainable longevity and success!