Is Your Company Digitally Mature?

“Transformation initiatives are only as valuable as the business impact they have.” This line, derived directly from this Deloitte Insights piece, is a key observation that we like to help our customers and prospects understand so that they can decide the best plan of action for their digital transformation project. There are many ways in which you can digitally transform a process, a department in your company, or even the whole back-end, but it’s crucial for businesses to understand what is the true impact expected to be yielded from this work in order for them to decide where it’s worth investing more resources. 

We’ve always been clear about our stance about digital transformation being completed in a step-by-step fashion (spoiler alert: it’s a no-go), and this digital maturity issue is precisely why we feel this way. A true business automation requires a 360-degree involvement and commitment, even if some areas might be more emphasized than others. We have a way to assess your digital compliance level in order to see if you’re ready to undergo your own business digital transformation, and the pivots presented in Deloitte’s analysis closely aligns with how we evaluate a company’s readiness to innovate within. 

  1. Infrastructure Flexibility: within your infrastructure, you should have a healthy level of adaptability and elasticity that allows you to change and adapt to a trend, a growth in demand, etc. You should also be able to “turn off” some parts of the business while you innovate, a work that should be carried out by other areas while the one ‘off’ is in update mode. Business flexibility comes in many shapes, and the more ways in which your business can adapt, the nimbler it can be at the time to innovate. 
  2. Data Mastery: having data doesn’t make you digitally mature, that just makes you a holder of data. Being able to analyze that data to gain insights into customer behaviors, using it for future product or service adaptations, etc. that’s what makes your business a master of its data, and by default, a master of your company’s destiny. 
  3. Open Talent Networks: recognizing when you should leverage the talent from outside or other areas in a specific moment in time is a complete game-changer. Being able to take advantage of staff augmentation for a project, using a shared services approach, and enabling your employees to continue their learning and staying up to date on new technologies will be the ultimate test of your digital maturity. 
  4. Ecosystem Management: we’ve always been a champion for teamwork in terms of partner networks and surrounding yourself with the right organizations to make your business goals a reality, and it’s important that while you do that, you don’t get sucked into the vortex and get carried away in the wrong direction. Take your time to build and maintain your perfect ecosystem. 
  5. Intelligent Workflows: it’s important to recognize that innovation and digital transformation are not a one-time-and-done approach. They’re both ongoing initiatives that if you’re doing it right, you must recalibrate and update constantly in order to continue to claim them as part of your DNA. 
  6. Customer Experience: if your customer experience is not up-to-par with your innovation, then you’re not doing it right. From the moment of digital onboarding to the policies in place for long-term loyal customers, their experience should be at the center of everything you do, especially when it comes to your business transformation. 
  7. Business Model Adaptability: the truth is that today’s success story can be out of business tomorrow if you’re not in tune with the market and able to switch things up according to the needs of customers and prospects. It goes back to flexibility and shows that this list is a cycle where all points should be taken care of consistently. 

We know this list is long and it seems almost impossible to ensure you have all of these benchmarks met, but that’s why we’re here. We’re ready to help you check off each of these to the highest degree of possibility, and we’re in it for the long run. We have two decades of experience under our belts, and we have countless successes to show for our time. We can help you achieve the highest level of digital maturity today and ensure that you’re on track for a successful and sustainable business journey ahead. Contact us to evaluate your digital maturity and readiness for the next step in your digital transformation.