Can You Beat Your Competition Based on Your Customer Experience?

81% of companies have said that they expect to compete “primarily on the basis of customer experience” in the next two years, according to a survey by Gartner. If it came down to it, considering all of the players in your field, would you be able to bet that your customers and other prospects would choose you over the competition based on the customer experience you’re able to offer them? 

First, let’s break down the components of the customer experience: what do we include? First off, digital onboarding will be a big topic of conversation, as customers will give up more easily if they find any hurdles whatsoever in your onboarding experience. Next, if your customers are buying a product or service from you, what do they see on your portal? Is it a seamless experience where they don’t have to input too much information and they can be done within a few clicks and screens, or are there a lot of fields to complete and verification steps in the process? If they have an issue with their order or request, how is the customer service department equipped to deal with a high volume of these? These are just some of the aspects you should be looking into to determine if you have a good customer service offering that can compete with other companies. 

If you’re doubting whether or not your customer experience is up to par with what others offer on the market, here are some examples of some tools you should definitely be leveraging for your customer service needs: 

  1. Virtual assistants: they’re some of the most useful technology you can invest in. It’s been established that most customers (especially in the younger generations) don’t really want to pick up the phone and wait in line to speak to a representative about their issues, so having a well-trained bot take care of the situation quickly online can be a huge differentiator for your business, and if you’re keeping your customers happy (even when they have an issue) you can rest assured your business will thrive. 
  2. Machine learning: Gartner predicted that by 2021, 15% of customer service interactions will be handled completely by artificial intelligence. With the use of AI, machine learning can take things even further, because the software learns from every customer interaction, and puts the lessons learned to use in all future customer encounters. Through the use of AI and machine learning, businesses can create truly customized customer experiences that will be unmatched by any business that doesn’t use this data. These technologies felt very far-fetched and out of reach not that long ago, but now it’s become easier than ever to put them to obtain them and put them to use to their maximum potential, especially with the right software partner. 
  3. Predictive analytics: data is the most useful asset a company has when it comes to anticipating what their customers may want in the short-and long-term. Predictive analytics tools take this data (that would otherwise be stale just taking up storage and racking up maintenance fees), analyze it and create scenarios with it that can prepare the business for multiple possible outcomes, all of which can have a response that the customer will be more satisfied by, than going off the cuff with the typical customer service transcript. 

Delivering a good customer experience is no longer a nice addition to the business repertoire, but an actual business need and requirement. Once the “the customer is always right” adage gained popularity, every human around the world realized that they have the purchasing power and with it comes the decision to use it wherever they want. This makes some businesses bend over backwards to provide the customer with anything they may possibly ask for, and other businesses that are not prepared to or willing to go to the same length will be out of the running. 

If you evaluate your business from end-to-end, how do you fare in terms of customer experience? Acknowledging your areas of improvement is the first step towards success, and we can help you get there faster with the right tools and innovation for your company, and your customers. Because you are our main concern, we’re here to answer your questions and help you field the process of digital transformation to ensure your customers are enjoying the CX setup you’ve built for them. Let us help you!