How To Manage Your Increasingly Digital Workforce

Even though our focus and area of work has been and will continue to be the software element to your digital transformation, as a partner and trusted advisor we always like to share insights about how to best manage your workforce as you increase your digital footprint. Why do we do this? We consider our customers to be our partners, and we want to do everything in our power to ensure that IT implementations are successful by every measurable benchmark. In this regard, we’d like to share some tips or best practices we’ve come across during our years in the business about how to ensure your implementation remains thriving and sustainable past the go-live date. 


  1. Staff Augmentation: we’ve covered a few aspects about staff augmentation in the past, like how it helps you manage your projects in a more timely and efficient manner, how it tends to be a much faster and cost-effective way to get more hands on deck without having to go through the process of recruiting externally from scratch, etc. Getting even more detailed about this though, one of the best things you can do for your workforce as outlined by this piece, is to be fully in tune with your workforce and know what works for them, and what doesn’t. Besides trying to launch internal initiatives to help them work at their best like telecommuting or other incentives, one of the biggest burdens employees actually face (especially in a startup environment) is being overworked. The workload of a startup employee tends to be higher on a more consistent basis than that of an employee of a more established company, and the benefits of taking a load off their plate (especially if it’s a task that is unrelated to what their original role included or outside their comfort zone) can be plenty. Through staff augmentation, you can give the extended workforce all the tasks that you think are taking up too much time from your full-time workers without yielding results in the areas of importance for them, ensuring that everyone at your company feels that you have their best interests in mind. As it relates to digitization, if you’re undergoing a digital transformation yourself, this makes even more sense because you will ensure the transition is smoother for all, and (with the right partner) there will be experts on the subject matter on board if your team needs them. 
  2. Shared services: it’s a digital world, and your workforce is slowly becoming digitized themselves through their roles yet silos continue to run rampant despite everyone constantly talking about them and trying to end the vicious cycles they create. The good news is that technology is here to create bridges of communication where there haven’t been, and if businesses think critically about re-building and re-structuring their processes from the get-go, they can get a good lane of communications going for the teams involved. Shared services can completely transform a company, especially when it’s in the context of its potential when coupled with technologies or approaches like Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). From the backend to the product or service being provided to the customer, the changes are felt like ripples, that have more and more consequences attached to them. We’ve gone into detail before about how a mix of shared services and the right technology can and does positively affect all different areas of the business, and we want everyone to take advantage and leverage this for their respective workforces as they go more and more digital. 


A business is only as successful as its workforce is strong. The morale of the employees and their motivation to do more than what is asked for them are among the key aspects that can take things to the next level for a company, but the inspiration to do so comes from the decisions and actions of the management. As we go into the next decade of innovation and the digitization of businesses all across the world inevitably takes over, we’d like to help you implement best practices like the ones mentioned (and more) so that your business can reach its potential. We have years of experience and our teams of experts across the globe can be the perfect addition to your next innovation project. Let’s talk about how to help your digital workforce be and do their best.