What Your Customers Expect to See in Your Digital Onboarding Experience

One of the mistakes that companies across the board repeatedly make when it comes to designing their digital onboarding, is to assume they know what their customers want without doing the legwork of research necessary (or partnering with the right advisors who do). In our decades of experience, many businesses build a front-of-house interface based on what they need, instead of looking at the expectations from the side of the customer. We’ve explored the reasoning behind having a fully digital onboarding customer experience before, but we also think it’s important to set the record straight about what exactly is the expectation from customers, and how to make it a reality: 

    1. Ease of use: customers get frustrated when they encounter apps or websites that are not intuitive and they can’t easily go through the motions to get the product or service they’re seeking. You need to ensure that you’re creating an experience that provides users of any demographic a layout they can follow that is user-friendly and can be quickly understood. Partnering with the right organization to help develop your digital onboarding is crucial for this point, so they can advise you to go in whichever direction makes more sense based on tried and true customer feedback, and not going off what we assume is what they want. 
    2. Available support: in case there’s a part of the onboarding experience that may be confusing to some end users, you should also provide a support option that is clearly visible, quick to respond, and preferably has a live element like a virtual assistant on the other side of the line to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. Studies have shown that over half of end users will give up on an app or website if they get frustrated with the onboarding process, ruining the chances for a good first impression, and potentially losing a customer completely. 
    3. All in one place: we can’t say this enough: if you’re going to offer a digital onboarding experience, then every part of the process needs to be digital and users should be able to complete their onboarding in one place. If you have an app where customers can register, but then they need to use their computer to add specific information, you might lose some along the way. Look for ways in which you can incorporate everything you need in one place. 
    4. Length of process: we’re living in a time of fast-paced everything, and that is especially true in the case of first encounters. Your customers don’t have a lot of time to invest into virtually anything, and you need to help them spend the least amount of possible trying to become a patron of your service or product. Your first responsibility is to decide which information you need to collect from your customer, and make sure you remove any field or request that isn’t absolutely necessary to kickstart the process. Speed and efficiency will make all the difference for the customer. 
    5. A reflection of your business: remember that once you show them a great first encounter with you, your customer will be expecting every interaction with your business to be of the same quality and level. Your onboarding is their first taste, but it’s not enough to keep them loyal long-term. You need to optimize the rest of your pcoesses so that it’s clear that your business is fully digital and that you are prepared to provide the client with the best available experience, every single time. There’s no worst disappointment than that of a customer who got their hopes up after a great start, only to see it’s not a long-lasting effect. 




We’re living in an era of customer experience as the main currency for business advance and success. We cannot move forward in the race to innovation without giving a good amount of thought to how our customers perceive us, why they want to be our customer, and how long it takes those who are interested in our offering to become an actual customer. We can help you sort out your digital customer onboarding experience needs and bring to life the perfect solution that meets your customers’ expectations. We’re ready to talk through these business ideas, and we’re prepared to give you the full range of options you can leverage for your customers.