Automation is the Starting Point for a Successful Digital Transformation

According to this McKinsey study from a few years back, at the time it was determined that roughly 45% of all work activities had potential to be automated. Considering that this figure has probably increased since the study was conducted, can you imagine what a company of any size would be able to accomplish if they had their employees gain back 50% of their time, instead of spending it on easily automated, rule-based tasks? Let’s take a look at the most common ways to use automation to kickstart or accelerate your digital transformation.

One of the first steps you can take is observe and document the existing operational processes in your company. If you’ve been running for some time, chances are you have some common steps that are repeated consistently in order to complete a task. Whether it’s for payroll, quality control, customer service, etc., find those processes that require the same repetitive task, and create (or boost) a workflow that can later be automated by scheduling the tasks to be completed one after the next, like a domino effect. Some companies have a hard time thinking through these processes for two reasons: they are so used to having a human spend their time on it that they’re not confident the automated version can be as effective, or they’re unsure of how their employees will react when those tasks get taken off their plates. Let’s tackle the latter point first: as we’ve shared before, automation is not here to replace (at least not yet), but to enhance. Currently, the available technology for automation still requires human interaction or supervision, so there’s no need to panic about job loss. On the other hand, innovation breeds its own set of needs that will create new jobs. 100 years ago, social media didn’t exist, so there wasn’t a need for a social media manager like there is today. In the same vein, we can’t anticipate the jobs of the future because we’re not there yet. Going back to the point of fear of how automation performs, it’s always said that machines don’t err, humans do. If the programs and processes are properly set up, automation will actually reduce the margin of error and increase efficiency, without a doubt. 

Now, living in this hyperconnected world and making use of all existing smart technologies, there’s one latent fear among all businesses: data privacy and security. How do you climb to the next level of digital transformation when you’re worried about making yourself vulnerable by way of the new, more open technologies? Automation will be your best ally for this. As highlighted in this piece from IT Pro, automation can “assist with identifying vulnerabilities and implementing fixes across the entire network, as well as learning what normal usage patterns are to be able to identify threats, and proactively manage vulnerabilities before a breach occurs.” Security is a top-of-mind issue for all businesses, especially with all the new regulations rolling out around the world to protect customers and their data. The best way to make your company’s infrastructure secure, is through technology, and more specifically, automation. 

The biggest benefit of leveraging automation to digitally transform is that when the time comes to grow the business, automation allows for a more seamless transition into the new business model size, with fewer resources. Digital transformation is a surefire way to ensure that your business can not just survive but thrive during the next decade. With all of the companies that shared their individual “vision 2020” plans, we anticipate that there will be a lot of new launches and technology releases as soon as the new year comes. This will be a defining time for many businesses, especially those who want to stay afloat. The sooner you begin to implement automation into your strategy, the better it’s going to be when the next innovation wave comes, because you and your company will already be one step ahead and ready to take advantage of the current technology advances. 

We have over 20 years of experience in the business of helping companies find their stride through technology. Innovation is here to stay, and it will only happen faster and more constantly as time passes. We can help you get ready to transform your business through automation, and be with you every step of the way until your digitization journey is optimized for the moment. Contact us to find out how to leverage this technology for your short and long-term success.