Five Key Areas Digital Onboarding Will Help You Improve

Digital onboarding is a very hot topic for 2019 and for good reason: customers are getting more selective than ever about the companies they purchase goods or services from, and the first indication of whether they made the right choice in their decision is the onboarding process. A fully digital customer onboarding process will undoubtedly show your customers that you mean business when it comes to establishing and maintaining a relationship with them, but there are also a number of benefits to having a digital transformation that will bleed into other areas of the company and that aren’t talked about enough. From the series of DCO trends we’ve seen, there are five key benefits on the company side, which include: 

  1. Greater transparency: due to privacy laws that are slowly taking hold all over the world, it’s no longer optional to share with your customers what you do with their information. With a digital onboarding system, you can disclose at every checkpoint the ways in which you use your customer’s data and ensure that they are willing to share their details for those purposes. The terms and conditions no longer cut it, and when you need to use your strategy openly, it’s imperative to have a platform where you can do so that serves the customers. 
  2. Faster technology deployment: when your customers have their first interactions with you through a technology platform, they are expecting that every touch base will continue the same pattern. When all your company and customers’ data is already digitalized, it’s much easier to move into future deployments because migrations will be made with pre-existing technologies and settings already on the table. Your customers will also be prepared when you advise them of your updates, and your downtimes will be shorter than ever before. 
  3. Leverage digital empathy: how many companies can say that they truly know what their customer pool wants? Beyond knowing them and seeing them as a pool, how many can say that they know what their customers expect individually? Not as many as there should be. When a customer joins a service or company, there’s a perfect opportunity to get to know them and their preferences with a few initial questions that they should fill out (or choose from options) easily. This “digital empathy” questionnaire can become the key to unlocking your company’s longevity and long-term relationship with customers, by always being one-step ahead of the competition in not only knowing what they want, but offering it to them in advance. 
  4. Use your virtual workforce: we have been championing the cause for virtual assistants and a virtual workforce in general for quite some time now, and this is one of the reasons why. When your customers onboard to your company, they are more than likely going to require some level of support either during the onboarding process or in the near future, and the best way to get them attention right away is through the use of virtual assistants. With a digital experience already under their belt, they will be expecting it and with a positive disposition. 
  5. Collaboration thanks to automation: when you free up your employees from dealing with tedious and time-consuming onboarding tasks like enrolling customers, inputting data, double-checking it, etc. they are not only alleviated of having to perform a task that in no way puts their talent to use, but you also give them the opportunity to collaborate on other company matters that they might feel more useful doing, as they can see the impact of their skillset as an individual being leveraged. The benefits of automation are endless, and this is yet another clear example of technology being for the benefit of individuals. 

With all of these benefits in mind, there’s no question to why digital onboarding should be among your top priorities, but rather when you’re going to make it happen. A digital customer onboarding experience can make or break your company in the years to come, as customers will only become more ruthless with their purchasing power, and more empowered with their use of social media to bend businesses to their will. When it comes to digital onboarding, the customer is absolutely right and we’re here to help you figure out how to make it work for your business. Contact us to find out more and start on your journey to a fully digital experience.