Technologies that Foster a Stellar Digital Customer Onboarding Experience

Love at first sight might be a myth, but what’s an absolute fact is that customers that are unhappy during their first interaction with a business or while trying to become their patron will not be sticking around or giving second chances. It’s 2019 and people are more selective than ever about how they spend their hard-earned money, and they also have heard plenty of times that “the customer is always right,” so they’re willing to take their patronage wherever they will receive the kind of experience they think is worth their time and money. In order to guarantee that your business presents its best foot forward to prospects and locks down their loyalty to you, there are a number of tools that you can put to use to help your company become the best version of itself. And yes, file this under digital transformation! 

  1. RPA – robotics process automation is exactly what it sounds like, and we’ve talked about it in many capacities before. Instead of having your employees endure tedious and endless tasks that end up making them lose their morale and feel useless, you should exploit the power of automation and robotics to create applications or systems that take care of rule-based tasks that a computer can work through, and leverage your employees’ skills and talents to oversee more managerial operations. This will also ensure that your customers benefit from state-of-the-art technology and see how your company invests in tech that serves them. Win-win. 
  2. Machine Learning – there are many ways in which you can leverage the power of machine learning to impress and retain your customers, and ultimately grow your business. Think of machine learning as a memory foam mattress that shapes itself to its user, and over time feels more and more comfortable. Your customers will use your services or products and whenever they come back you can make recommendations for other offerings based on their preferences, shopping behaviors, etc. This is a tool that can come in extremely handy and give you insights for successful strategies to use for years to come. 
  3. Cloud computing – what’s the cloud? Where is the cloud? Are we in the cloud now? That famous Super Bowl commercial with Amy Poehler said a lot at the time of how people’s understanding of the power of the cloud was limited. The truth is that cloud computing has completely revolutionized how businesses run their operations, but it’s almost underrated because since it’s now such an intricate part of everyday business, we’ve taken it for granted and expect it. The cloud has made it possible for employees to access company and customer data from any device at any time and place. Gone are the days of issues having to wait for business hours to be solved, because now with the access that the cloud provides, anyone can step in and fix it. This is a huge advantage of cloud computing and key for the process of digital onboarding customers, providing them with the same flexibility, access, and customer support in case of any bugs. 
  4. Artificial intelligence – this is another technology that has endless uses to help step up your business practices and offer unprecedented levels of satisfaction and perks for your customers. By using AI to run a virtual assistant or chatbot, your customers can have access to your business 24/7, and get information about their orders, accounts, service requests, etc. without having to pick up the phone – which is what most people look for these days. 

The technologies that are already available and that continue to come about are plenty, and it’s a matter of partnering with the right company to help you exploit them to their maximum potential. At Lagash we have over 20 years of experience in the business of transforming businesses into elevated versions of themselves, with futuristic features and incredible track-records of customer satisfaction. If you’re ready to explore technologies that could help your company offer a new experience for your prospects and customers – especially in the realm of digital customer onboarding journeys – contact us for a dedicated evaluation.