Fully Digital Customer Onboarding? Check. What’s Next?

If you’ve managed to create and launch a successful customer digital onboarding experience that is fully ran by technology and does not require the customer to show up in person or provide any physical items to become your client, congratulations! You’ve mastered your onboarding process and your customers will thank you for making this a seamless experience for them to become your patron from anywhere in the world. It’s important to note, however, that it’s easier to acquire customers than to maintain them on the docket and keep them happy. It would be really disheartening that after all the work you have to put in to acquire customers, you lose them because the rest of their experience with you isn’t as seamless or digital as the first impression, and they want to go somewhere else that will provide it. 

Why does this seem like a new prerequisite for all companies? Because we all have collectively seen what a company is capable of doing when they use state of the art technology, and now we want that experience to bleed onto all other areas of our lives. For example, Amazon has forever changed the landscape of retail and online shopping, making the experience seamless and faster than anything else in the market. Uber is another good example, showing how it’s no longer necessary to even raise a hand to hail down a public transport, when you can just tap on your screen and get a car to come to you. 

Here’s a list to help you ensure that your customers that you worked so hard to get don’t go away: 

  • Evaluate your company processes end-to-end: before digitizing your customer onboarding process to make it easy for prospects to become your clients, run an audit of your entire customer journey and test your ability to respond to issues that arise, see how long it takes to resolve customer issues that may arise, and find ways to improve upon all of the points that can be upgraded. 
  • Provide them what they want: walk a mile in your customers’ shoes. What do they want or expect from you? If you run a retail business, they probably want real-time stock availability, fast online transactions, tracking and visibility of their order status, fast delivery, and a flawless order. If there’s an issue, they want great customer service attention and an even faster solution than how the rest of the transaction was conducted. If you own a service business, summarizing it into “fast and flawless” probably does the trick. 
  • Reinvest in your company: now that so many of your processes are digital, chances are you are cutting costs, materials and time spent on certain operations of the company. Those costs that were cut, should be invested back into more technology to ensure that all systems and processes continue to run smoothly, and your customer can enjoy their journey with you, end-to-end. 

As McKinsey says in this piece, “digitizing select stages of the customer experience may increase efficiency in specific areas of the process and address some burning customer issues, but it will never deliver a truly seamless experience.” This has been our claim all along. You can’t offer your customer a beautiful entrance into the home of their dreams, only to discover the inside is poorly managed or taken care of. The most common mistake in a digital transformation journey is to digitize only certain areas of the company or automating existing processes without doing your homework on what is actually necessary or working for you, the company, and the customer. 

At Lagash, we’re fully invested in creating the perfect experience for your customer. As a software developing company, we’re tasked with designing an end-to-end system that takes care of all of the current and future needs of your customers, that will accommodate for your growth as a business, and that will help you compete against the top disruptors in the game. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and see how we can help take your digitization beyond every desired outcome and provide you and your customers with your dream platform. Get on board with going digital beyond onboarding, and you’ll win every time.