Digitizing Your Onboarding: It’s Not a Makeover, it’s a Do-Over

In the quest for an analogy that would help us get across our automation methodology, we’ve arrived at the following: many shows on TV and other entertainment experiences work under the premise that people, homes, cars, etc. are in and of themselves a good enough foundation to express the best versions of themselves, and all they need is just a tweak of certain areas in order to achieve this goal. In other words, a makeover. This may be something that works for all of the aforementioned cases, but it surely does not apply to digital transformation technology. In this area, the only way to truly achieve a long-lasting and successful evolution is to start from scratch and leverage the latest tools available to do so. 

For example, when a person goes on a makeover show, the expert that helps them along might suggest a different hairstyle, some new wardrobe pieces, and maybe even a fresh perspective on the way they approach certain events in their life. On the other hand, let’s evaluate how this same approach doesn’t apply to technology with a simple example: account passwords. Passwords are a crucial part of our lives that hold the key to a lot of private information that could negatively impact us if they were mishandled. A few years back, many digital products across the board decided to attempt to find the best replacement for passwords that didn’t require typing. This became even more urgent as many sites are being hacked at an increased frequency, and the best way to avoid a hack from affecting you is having different passwords for every account. Some devices and institutions like banks have now instilled voice recognition software that can detect if the right person is trying to access their personal account and computers and phones have both adopted either fingerprint or face recognition as their access point. The reason this works well is because typing is something that can be done by anyone from anywhere, while presenting your face or fingerprint requires you to be present and guarantees that you’re indeed the one attempting to establish the access. 

Now, let’s talk about the digitization of a customer’s onboarding onto your business. As we’ve discussed before, having a fully functional and completely digital onboarding process is crucial in order to satisfy today’s customers, showcase innovation, and inspire loyalty. Financial institutions in particular are facing a challenge in this realm, because security concerns and regulations still require some sort of physical process to verify someone’s identity before accepting them as a customer. Some banks have piloted and successfully launched a service where they can open accounts for customers without them being on site by using videoconferencing as a medium. These interactions are recorded by the system and the institution can leverage artificial intelligence to ensure every future encounter is established with the desired individual. 

There are opportunities at each of the checkpoints in these processes to not just digitize every step, but to confirm that they are indeed necessary and that they’re being run in the most efficient way possible. As a business with goals for growth and longevity, it’s not only a good idea but actually necessary for companies of all sizes to have a fully digital onboarding process for the customers, that can be completed on any device, and that allows them to have customer support outreach if necessary. If you had to walk in your prospective customers’ shoes, would they think becoming a patron of your business was a walk in the park, or would they be so turned off by the process that they’d go to another company? 

If you use this vantage point every step of the way, you can accomplish the creation of a holistic, fully digital and integrated process and/or platform that helps new customers fall in love with your company right from the first impression, while giving your existing customers another reason to stay, when they see your willingness to invest into their comfort and convenience. 

When you’re ready for your business do-over moment, here at Lagash we have a workflow methodology that is tried and true and helps us present our customers with the best option for their clients. Placing the end-user front and center, we put into play the best strategies fit for their digital journeys. Contact us for more information on improving your digital onboarding process and your customer-facing software as a whole.