How Difficult Is It to Become Your Customer?

There’s no better way to optimize your customer’s experience than by walking a mile in their shoes and seeing first-hand what the process looks like from their vantage point – from finding your company until they become an “initiated” customer. One of the pillars of customer service these days is the digital onboarding experience, which includes reducing the number of steps or checkpoints a prospect or user needs to go through in order to become a paying customer. This process might be an easier task for some industries than others, as those that deal with sensitive information have to include additional safety barriers to keep the customers’ information safe. If that’s the case, how do we toe the line between a rational number of checkpoints that the customer feels are adequate and reassures them of doing business with your company, and an endless series of firewalls that end up frustrating the prospect to the point of doing away with your service? 

These days, most websites and applications need or want to obtain our information so they can market and sell to us, and we know people are turned off by the idea of spending time filling out forms. Then, a solution that is pretty widely accepted and used came to be: Facebook. It’s safe for companies to assume that most people that surf the web and conduct online business have a Facebook profile, on which they share their details and information freely. By giving Facebook permission to share specific and generic information about themselves with the company or application in question, they’re easily and quickly onboarded to a new service. It’s an exchange of privacy for convenience. Whether or not Facebook reveals only the information they say they do is a conversation for another day, but the point is that this ease of entry has set a standard for what customers expect of their digital onboarding experiences. 

Every customer understands that there is a need for a series of security checkpoints for them to be able to use a service or purchase a product, but that level of understanding goes out the window when they’re in a hurry or if during the onboarding process information that they have previously provided is requested again. “Time is money,” says the adage, and every day it becomes more and more true. Every business launch in recent memory has had a time-saving angle, because time is the one commodity that people can’t buy. As a business, how can you make sure that you’re providing your customers with an experience they enjoy? 

  • If you’re not Digital Native or onto digital transformation, you’re not in the game. Part of the magic of automating your processes is not just digitalizing existing slower operations, but auditing and reviewing all of your existing systems and doing away with what isn’t absolutely necessary to operate. Every step you can remove for the journey of your customers and from your employees’ plate, is a step closer to success. 
  • Less is more. According to a financial services company, 38% of customers drop out of the onboarding process due to frustration from the amount of information that is being asked of them. Work out what is the exact amount of information you have with a customer and ask for that and only that. Figure out how you can take care of customers fully digitally or virtually if necessary. When identity and financial issues are at hand, this will become a little trickier, but this is the perfect time to innovate and disrupt the industry with solid solutions that allow you to do business like no one else. 
  • Use the tools within your reach to go further in the game. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things, etc. all can play a role in your business success when used right. Customers love to see innovation and even more so when it benefits them by saving them precious time and effort. 

As a company that develops software systems that are made to fit exactly the needs of our customers (and most importantly, their customers), we’re more than eager to explore different avenues of doing things and show companies how they can accomplish their goals more easily and help their customers in the process. Allow us to show you how you can put your best foot forward with technology, and in turn, you will show your customers the experience that will make them say yes to your business and remain loyal patrons. That’s the Lagash promise. Contact us for more.