Four Signs Your Company Needs Staff Augmentation STAT!

We don’t like to be alarmists in our line of business, but when the occasion warrants it, we’re all for kicking into fast gear to get things moving along. Today, many businesses that start up with the right project or service are lucky to be thrust into the spotlight and get lots of customers right of the bat. While some may consider that a blessing, it can really tank a company to not be able to provide the right level of service that the customers may have come on board for, and that’s how many one hit wonder businesses go down quicker than it took them to launch. Being honest with yourself is key when this happens, so we’re here to help you find the signs that tell you that it’s time to look for alternative solutions like new technologies or staff augmentation: 

  1. You feel like you can’t handle one more account: we’ve all been there. It’s the beginning of a successful business launch and the marketing was done so well, that everyone in the company is busy… so busy that people are starting to work longer hours, your employees are doing “working lunches” on their desks every day, and you can’t catch a break in between meetings and putting out fires. You’re at that point where you almost don’t want to close another deal because you don’t know how your team will be able to handle the additional load. This is a clear sign that staff augmentation is on the horizon. Many companies are scared to bring in an additional group into the workforce, but this can be the saving grace for your business while you figure out how to grow your company or reduce your processes. 
  2. Your employees are feeling burned out: for startups and small companies, it’s sometimes harder to see whether the employees are enjoying multi-tasking or genuinely overworked. Due to fear or because this is what they’re used to from the past, employees are rarely good at communicating feeling burned out, so you often find out when they quit or when issues arise between the team. An overworked workforce will make more mistakes, have lower morale, and a higher turnover rate. Don’t let your employees get to that point. Invest in new technologies that can help them do their jobs better, and if needed, deploy a staff augmentation strategy that can temporarily alleviate their loads while you hire additional qualified resources (if your budget allows for it). 
  3. You’ve been hiring for a while, but no good candidates fit the bill: when you have the foresight and understanding that your team is swamped and you need more help, that’s a great place to be in because it means you know your people and you’re ready to take care of them. The problem is, hiring people quickly tends to be an issue because finding the person with the right amount of experience so they don’t require much training within a short period of time is rarely effective, not to mention salary negotiations and going through the motions in a bullish market can sometimes take up enough time on its own. If you have recruiters looking but are coming up short and your team is struggling, staff augmentation can be a godsend. A team that is vetted correctly will be already qualified, professional, experienced, etc. all the things that you’re looking for, in a unit of individuals ready to take on your challenges. This is the case for why most companies move forward with staff augmentation. 
  4. Your team is great, but you need more support for a short period of time: you probably have surrounded yourself by a team of individuals who are passionate, experienced, and qualified enough to deal with your daily requests, but when you have a bigger project at hand, it’s just not the same situation. If you are, for example, looking into a software development project for digital transformation, chances are your IT guy(s) are not going to be able to successfully deploy the new software on top of their usual responsibilities. There’s nothing wrong with bringing in more help when needed, and this is the perfect example of when that’s the case. 

And if you’re concerned about bringing in a third-party service to alleviate your workload, don’t be

At Lagash we’ve seen all of these scenarios over and over again for many of our customers of all sizes, and that’s why we’re shedding a light on these signs, so that you know what to do when faced with this situation. This is also the reason why we offer a staff augmentation component in our packages, because in the case of project implementations, more is more, and we want all hands on deck to help deliver a successful venture. If you’re curious about how staff augmentation could work for you, contact us.