Three Reasons to Leverage Staff Augmentation Right Away

We’re halfway through 2019, and there is no better time to evaluate your goals for the year, measure your achievements thus far, and face the scary milestones you haven’t quite set for yourself because you think you won’t reach them. Whether you’re a startup or a more established company with a small workforce, there are so many opportunities to grow, especially if you’re using technology to your advantage to create an amazing work environment for your employees and a wonderful digital experience for your customers. So, what’s left for you to do? Leverage staff augmentation ASAP. Here’s why: 

  1. Time is money: the faster you set up your contract with your software developer to begin your IT implementation project, the faster you get a whole new squad of experts that will now be a part of your support system and can help bring your business to the next level, right up to the Intelligent Enterprise. There is something to be said about gaining a competitive advantage over other companies and even over your own goals, and having the possibility to extend your workforce temporarily, specifically, strategically, and for a fraction of the price (and time) that it would take to scout and optimize a dedicated resource, you’re going to be getting truly ahead of the curve! 
  2. Your employees will be happy (and more productive!): startups and small companies have the biggest hurdle to overcome when it comes to growth, and it’s that their employees are working at full speed to meet deadlines and unfortunately sacrificing the quality of their work in order to submit everything they need to in order to keep things in motion. When your employees are not happy with the work that they submit, their morale goes down and over time they become highly dissatisfied and start resenting the work. Burnout is a very real issue many companies face, and when it comes to smaller ones, they can’t afford to lose a single resource due to unhappiness with a role or being overworked enough as it is. Through staff augmentation you’ll be able to take responsibilities and unnecessary processes off of your team’s hands and they’ll be able to focus on delivering the utmost quality work on the rest of the tasks that they actually signed up to do. 
  3. Your customers will feel the difference: customers are incredibly perceptive to company changes, and a positive, or faster interaction with your company will be something that they will immediately be happy about. The best way to ensure your customers’ happiness is by ensuring there’s a support team that is available 24/7 to take care of the back-end of the technology they’re interacting with, quickly fixing bugs and IT issues that arise. Your business is the satisfaction of your customers, and through staff augmentation you can get there faster. This is the perfect time to go into a project and let the experts do their thing. Your customers will undoubtedly thank you. 

These realities are just some of the benefits many of our customers are already experiencing thanks to the staff augmentation feature we offer within our services. Adding more resources that are located across time-zones to your team without having to include a benefits package (because they’re already taken care of) could not be more timely and even necessary given the fast-pace of customer service, the expected reply times of the customers and everything else they’re looking for in the product or service experience you provide. To find out more about staff augmentation and how we can help you get started with it right away, contact us.