What is Digital Customer Onboarding and Why Should I Consider It?

Many people say that first impressions are everything, and when it comes to customers, a first impression might be the one and only chance to garner their patronage. How can you use that level of pressure to your favor? One of the things we’ve come to learn in the recent years is that customers are vying towards simple, time-saving services and products, and if your business is not providing that, your clients will find a new offering that will. So how do we ensure a great first impression with our customers?

Creating an Incredible Digital Customer Onboarding Experience

User experience, the digital experience, customer journeys, etc. You’ve heard one or all of these expressions recently, and with good reason. Customer-centric businesses and strategies are the ones winning right now, and the only ones projected to survive the overflow of companies and businesses going into the final phases of Industry 4.0. There’s a fervent need to not just provide a good customer experience, but to make sure it translates to every channel – whether it’s website or app-based – and that customers across demographics can all have a positive encounter. This seems pretty straight forward, right? So why are companies still struggling with this? 

On the one hand, even though we’re living in a digital world, it seems many companies are still relying on physical elements to make it through. If a customer is attempting to access his or her account information through your website, but you’re unable to verify their identity without prompting a call on in-person visit, that customer experience has become a potential reason to leave your business. And that’s talking about someone who already has an account with the business. Can you imagine how a prospective customer will react when there are hurdles they have to jump through just to see your offering? There’s no way they’ll stick around. 

Let’s take for example, e-signatures. The main two industries that are seeing the fastest growth in the implementation of e-signatures are financial service institutions, and real estate.  Every customer process that can go digital, should go digital and not just for the benefit of your customer, but for your own. This will ultimately lead to reduction in use of materials like paper and ink, and will speed up processes that would usually take days or even months down to seconds-long checkpoints. This ultimately frees up employee time as well, so you can assign them on more pressing tasks that require their particular skillset to move forward. 

Transforming the Impact of Onboarding with Digital

So how do we go digital in a world where security and data privacy are paramount, yet there are endless attempts and cases of identity theft and impersonation? With tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence, there can be checkpoints that cross-reference a client-submitted photo with a present one where the company prompts the customer to do something specific to guarantee that it’s them. For example, apps like Bumble (the dating, business, and friending app) has a way to verify your identity within minutes by asking you to take a picture doing a certain hand-motion. They run this picture through their team of moderators who check it and approve it quickly. They call this their “catfish-catching technology” and it can be easily mimicked by other services with the same purpose through the use of artificial intelligence. 

Building a customer relationship from the beginning is what digital customer onboarding is all about. Reviewing the flow or workflows of the backend, seeing which functions might be more of a struggle for certain customers of an age group versus others, ensuring that at no point the customer feels like they or their data are at risk by providing their information to you, etc., are all important and necessary steps to design the customer experience of your clients’ dreams. 

We’re not just bringing up the issue to your attention though, we also have the solution. At Lagash, we’re proud to provide tailor-made platforms for our customers that allow them to provide a state-of-the-art customer onboarding experience for their customers. We help you audit your existing processes, do away with anything that isn’t necessary or serving you, your employees, or your customers, and we create new, automated processes that cut down your operative times and give your team back valuable hours they can invest on other areas that will make them feel more appreciated. Find out how Lagash can help you create the digital customer onboarding experience that every business will want, and you will provide.