What No One Told You About IT Resource Optimization

In human capital management, there are many caveats about how to best extract the potential of an employee with different strategies. Depending on the area of the company they work in, they will need additional support in growing their skillset and because companies typically hire candidates that are at least a bit underqualified, this process can become quite lengthy. This idea of professionally growing someone for them to fulfill your expectations of them is known as resource optimization, and we’re here to evaluate whether it’s worth it from the financial, experiential and cyclical points of view.

Firstly, let’s talk finances. Trying to hire an IT expert is one of the more costly ventures a company can attempt. The IT sector has many different avenues of expertise, and the more well-rounded an individual is, the more expensive his time. Depending on the project requirements and level of knowledge, hiring a specialist may come in at a cost of hundreds of dollars an hour, for just one person to work at the pace they can manage. These experts have undoubtedly earned their status and pay, but is it wise to make that kind of an investment on just one individual? Especially when it comes to the point of view of a startup or small business, these salaries can be quite out of reach, and he or she would probably end up being the highest salary on the payroll.

The counterargument or solution to this issue is going with a third-party vendor that provides staff augmentation services as part of the package. This would mean that instead of one person working as fast as they humanly can, you have a team of experts that will be able to get the project done faster, and as a result, for a more reasonable investment.

Secondly, we can focus on experience. An IT expert surely can provide pages and pages of a curriculum vitae that showcase every experiential opportunity he had to garner the skills he does, and it goes without saying that this kind of resume is invaluable for many companies to have among their workforce. Unfortunately, the wider the experience, the higher the invoice and this is an expense most small companies can’t afford.

On the flip side, going with a third-party service of staff augmentation provides an entire team that can double down on the certifications and skillsets, and can also amount to the same amount of experience you’d need from an expert – which would’ve taken him 20-25+ years to acquire. In a team setting, experience works cumulatively because they can all contribute their individual learnings to create a powerful team as a whole.

Lastly, we called it cyclical, but let’s call it what it is: time. Time is everyone’s most valuable resource, and as the refrain so wisely says, “time is money.” For an IT expert, their time is so valuable that you pay hundreds of dollars for moments of their attention, and every call, every question, every interaction amounts to the final price tag. Startups usually go through the ringer during the funding phase and need deep levels of investment to move forward with their goals. If this money goes all towards just one area of the company, not much growth will be achieved.

What do you get when the coin lands on the face of staff augmentation? More people (and double the hands) working for you simultaneously instead of in a relay fashion, creating huge advantages and pockets of time for testing, implementation, etc.

It’s impossible not to see the vast advantages that can be garnered from going the route of staff augmentation, and it’s a no-brainer for startups and small companies to choose this path. Third-party vendors have experience working with companies of all sizes and are ready to provide their services at your disposal. You don’t have to worry about all the steps you’d have to take to hire someone individually and you don’t have to spend your entire funding on their paycheck. At Lagash our track record speaks for itself, and every move we have made possible for our partners and customers was achieved through staff augmentation. Contact us for more information on how this can be the perfect approach for you and your business.