Five Reasons Your Company Needs Staff Augmentation Support to Meet Your Goals

Staff augmentation is a term that started gaining traction a few years back in the IT sector, used particularly to describe the working relationship between developers/engineers or other tech project-based professionals and a company, usually for a limited engagement or a specific implementation. There are a number of benefits to using staff augmentation for your business goals, and you might have been thinking about it, trying to figure out if this option is a good fit for you. We want to take the guess work out of the equation, so here are some signs you might look into to help you determine whether you’d like to take advantage of this great opportunity.

1. Your company has a big growth projection and you won’t have bandwidth to sustain it:

One of the biggest hurdles companies get into when they are looking at future options and evaluating the path of the brand is that they are doing everything right, to the point where the growth path of the business does not match that of the workforce. If this is the case for you, staff augmentation might be the perfect solution, because you will automatically add highly qualified individuals to your company on a capacity that is not confined to full-time employment but they will be committed to your project and more invested in your success than some employees.

2. You want to cross geographical boundaries:

Every company has a different journey into success, and your vision might include going international and broadening your reach to additional geographies. When this is the case, you need to have in mind time-zone differences, legal regulations, country policies, etc. With staff augmentation, you can seamlessly add a team of professionals in the time zones and countries you need, ensuring support for your employees and customers around the clock, all without having to dive deep into international laws and trade issues. This might also be beneficial if the economy of the country you’re dealing with has a wage difference that offsets your expenses even further.

3. Your HR department or team members are limited:

When you’re a startup or a growing company, typically you don’t have a fully equipped HR team with business partners; you might even have hired everyone yourself and have someone doing executive administration and human resources tasks simultaneously. Whatever the case, you probably don’t have a dedicated team that has time for scouting, recruiting, interviewing and onboarding individuals, especially at the speed that you need them. Staff augmentation takes care of that problem (and more) altogether, because the partner you choose to work with has done all the vetting in advance and you can rest assured that the professionals that join your team are the best in the field and ready to work without any onboarding needs.

4. Your budget is limited:

We wish money would grow on trees, but it doesn’t. Hiring a new professional to join the team is costly, not just because of the salary, benefits, etc. that you need to allocate, but also keeping in mind the time that other employees invest in the search and securing of that individual. You can usually get a team of multiple professionals with more elevated skillsets and advanced experience for a better value than what you would get for hiring just one person as a full-time employee. Staff augmentation is the most budget-friendly approach to adding more brain and manpower to your business.

5. Your space is not ready for growth:

One of the biggest restrictions when you need to broaden your workforce is the space where they can work. If your office is at capacity, finding another space, moving, renovating, buying more furniture, etc. can be an incredibly hefty expense, not to mention time-consuming. Don’t let the physical walls of your workplace restrict your growth, because with staff augmentation, the team already has a workspace set up and they are ready to go at whatever time you decide.

The benefits of staff augmentation are plentiful, and there’s no better time than now to evaluate joining forces with a company that can provide you this service. At Lagash, when we win a project we have already put together a squad of individuals who are ready to take on your vision and mission to the next level, all spread through time-zones to cover all bases, trained and with plenty of experience to take on your project and deliver excellence from start to finish. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you expand your company’s footprint through staff augmentation.