Digitize or Fade Away: The Challenge for Growing Companies

Companies of all sizes face a number of challenges at every step in their journeys: determining their target market, building a team, securing customer loyalty, choosing what area to invest in for better results, etc. These challenges are all important in their own light, but when we’re living in an era where delivering on a customer experience can be the reason your business thrives or dies, there’s no question that there is a challenge that needs to be at the top of your priority list to tackle, is digitization.

We’re currently in the midst of one of the most customer-centric business eras for strategy and growth we’ve ever seen. Customers are hyperaware of their purchasing power and they are completely unafraid to take advantage of it. Whether it is through social media reviews, calls to customer service departments or full-on boycotting campaigns, the “customer is always right” adage has never been truer before. One key aspect to keep in mind is a part of human behavior in general, and that is the fact that according to Help Scout’s more recent numbers, Americans tell an average of 15 people about a poor service experience, versus the 11 people they’ll tell about a good experience. This ratio fluctuates quite a bit depending on the industry, but what remains true across the board is that once the customer perceives an experience as negative, they feel compelled to tell others about it, and this can create a lot of deceleration in growth, depending on how strong the complaint platform is.

So how can businesses, especially growing companies, avoid this? No organization is perfect and there’s no way to permanently please everyone, but one of the key steps that can help ensure a better customer experience across the board is digitization. Why? When your company is fully digitally transformed, your processes are streamlined, your employees can focus on improving areas of the company that have blind spots, and customers can receive attention faster (not to mention, there should be less issues as the digitalization of the company should solve a few of them in advance). All of these things are reason enough to embark on a digital transformation journey, where you can:

  1. Makeover/improve your customer-facing pages: with more digital processes in the back-end, your transactions and flow in the front-end should go a lot more smoothly and your customers will notice the change.
  2. Leave the rule-based tasks to the robots: one of the benefits that few people talk about when they mention digitalization is the vast morale rising amongst employees because they will go from performing daily mindless and tedious operative tasks to contributing to the business in ways that maximize their skills and make them feel useful and appreciated. Any activity that can be automated to release your employees to take care of your customers should be done without question.
  3. Provide stellar customer service: you know the thing about the “customer is always right”? Well, the customers know that this is how companies should be functioning, so they will act accordingly and remind you that they are in charge. If you have virtual assistants, bots, 24/7 support, social media community management, etc. in place, then you have more of a chance to not only provide good service but to answer customers quickly when needed.

At Lagash we have helped companies get on their feet and run thanks to our stellar teams that dedicate entirely to their projects, and we’re proud of our track-record with growing organizations. The transition of going from small business or startup to an established entity with a loyal customer base can seem eternal if you don’t have the right technology in place to make it real. Let us help you get to the next level of transformation for you, for your employees, and your customers. Contact us!