AI, Machine Learning, RPA, Now What?

In the grand scheme of things, usually making the decision to go down a specific path is the hardest part of the process, but that’s not necessarily the case for technology implementations. We have always placed a strong emphasis on the importance of having a clear and concise strategy about how exactly the implemented technology will affect your internal operations, improve employee performance/increase company morale, and of course, reach and surpass your customers’ expectations.

Map It Out

It seems that the hardest part for many of the companies we’ve spoken to is actually sitting down and thinking ahead, because even though they are excited about the prospect of new technologies like artificial technology or the internet of things in their systems, they’re not quite sure how to 1. Understand what those technologies can do to their fullest potential and 2. How that applies to their current operations. For example, artificial intelligence is a very broad term that most people associate with the doom of humanity and robots that get enough information to become autonomous, sentient, and decide to eradicate us from earth. In reality, artificial intelligence is still very much dependent on human interaction and most programs or solutions that include it are able to aid the person using it, but only with said person’s supervision/input.

No AI-enabled program or solution is completely independent, yet. Today’s work consists of mostly hybrid activities where someone needs to feed the program the rules for the tasks it will perform, and then check the outcomes. Insurance companies can leverage artificial intelligence and robotics process automation to run faster quotes while the representative is on the line, focused on the conversation with the customer, but the prompts and input still requires human interaction. Knowing this, it’s imperative for managers, C-level executives and everyone else involved in the implementation process to understand where exactly the technology will make an impact.

Trust the IT Guys

It’s a common fear amongst companies of all sizes (but especially the smaller ones) to bring in a team of IT specialists to see the whole back-end of company operations, because they feel like these workers aren’t really part of their company, and that is a general issue vendors face across industries. The thing is, when you have a limited workforce you can’t really resist the help, and when you choose a good partner for your journey into innovation, the team that is assigned to you is there to support you and your employees every step of the way. They end up becoming part of your team, and you tend to forget that they started off outside of your company. When you find the ideal partner in digitalization, you tend to let go of your initial fears and start taking advantage of the inadvertent workforce augmentation that an implementation entails. Your original company team can focus wholeheartedly on enhancing other functions of the upgrade, and the IT team (which will cost you a lot less than hiring the same amount of people, without guaranteeing the same level of experience) take care of the rest. This support is always a good thing for companies, and it’s time for people to let go of the misconceptions of third-party work.

Run with It

Now that you had a proper plan in place and found the perfect fit for your needs in another company, it’s time to start testing the new technologies with focus groups, before your customers start interacting with them. If part of your strategy is to deploy virtual agents, then you need to ensure there is a testing phase where your IT team can ensure there are no bugs and the customer service is to the standard your customers expect. Once you start seeing all your new technologies in action, you’ll be excited to see what other operations can be optimized or digitized, and the opportunities truly abound. Digital transformation can truly improve all areas of your company, if you let it.

We understand that digitizing your organization might sound like a complicated ordeal, which is why we pride ourselves in our strategy and service. We are committed to providing the best service experience, with a team fully dedicated to ensuring your business outcomes and that can make it feel like your company increased in size without having to add more headcounts. To find out more about how this program works, let us assess your current level of digital compliance and then we can make our recommendations based on our experience and your objectives. Contact us for more information.