Innovation is Not Enough

Yes, you read that right. If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you’re probably confused with this title, because we’ve been making a case for innovation with almost every single post, and now it seems like we’re sending mixed messages, but we’re not. The message is simple: you can have the most innovative idea for a business, service, or product, but without the right execution, you most likely will end up with nothing.

It’s a lot like this dilemma that has made waves online for years: if person A is playing in a slot machine at a casino, and person B lends them a quarter to play, and so person A pulls the lever and they win, who is entitled to the winnings (or how should it be divided)? If you think about it, neither person could’ve won on their own: you need to have something to invest in order to have the possibility to win, but you also need the presence of a desire and willingness to execute, or else the investment will just sit there, without the possibility of winning.

The same concept applies to innovation. Martin Zwilling, writing for Forbes, actually said it very well in this article, stating that “most people think innovation is all about ideas, when in fact it is more about delivery, people, and process.” This is the equation for success:

  1. People: when you’re surrounded by the right team or ecosystem, you can rely on people doing their part to ensure the success of an idea, until you get to the point where everyone is functioning to their top potential to make the idea bloom.
  2. Process: at Lagash, we really emphasize the methodology and strategy behind everything. One of our unique offerings is a testing phase before going live with any technology that allows us to use the development in a real setting where we can ensure the navigation is top notch and any bugs are fixed. The order in which we do things, whether you’re revamping an existing process or starting from scratch is absolutely critical to the success of the project, and our methodology is tried and true.
  3. Delivery: when your business idea is in the right hands, you can rest assured that the delivery of the final product will be just as smooth as the creation and design process; however, this is not the time to rest comfortably, as the delivery can be the undoing of the project. Make sure the product is set up properly and that there are support systems in place that will step up to help if needed, anytime, anywhere.

With those three things in hand as a combination of the hand that pulls the lever, you can guarantee that you have a winning coin in hand, and as both the coin and the pulling of the lever work together to create a win, so does innovation when it’s partnered up with execution in the right way.

At Lagash, we know your “coin” or innovation idea is probably your most prized possession, so we have gathered the best people, who design the most effective processes to ensure a seamless delivery of any product, custom made to your needs and that of your customers. Let us be a part of your win as we help you pull the lever to success!