Have a Great Business Idea? Make it Come True!

We’ve all had them: the AHA moments, the great ideas, the mental lightbulb switching to ON. You experienced a need for a product or service, and you know it’s brilliant and you’re ready to take it to the market. Sometimes, you run a quick search and discover that either “there’s an app for that” already, or the market is indeed wide-open waiting on your value proposition. The excitement is palpable and you can already envision a future where your startup app gets ranked highly on the iTunes App store or Google Play store, and then the next big thought hits you: you’re not an app developer, and you don’t know anyone in your circle you can hire to help you bring your idea to life.

Take a breath, this is just the beginning.

A great idea is ground zero for brewing greatness. The possibilities are endless, and the market is oversaturated, so you really need to think things through and make sure that your vision is crystal clear and there’s a viable competitive advantage. When you start sharing your idea with colleagues, friends, or maybe even a possible investor, you start talking through the kinks of the journey, and it helps you realize that there’s a lot more to the process than the way your idea was born. Again, this happens to all of us, so don’t panic. There are many challenges in the journey from idea conception to execution, and we’re here to talk through them as you would with any friend or advisor and find the best solutions to fit your needs.

According to Entrepreneur, there are six big challenges that startups face when they are in the process of developing an app for their business, three of which we can speak to or even help you with, and a bonus point:

  1. Overcrowded market: it’s a heart-sinking moment when you think of an idea that you’re convinced will help make people’s lives easier, and when you go search for possible competitors, you realize that more people than you could possibly imagine had the same great idea you had. Even though this sets the tone for the fact that the business journey will possibly be an uphill climb, this is hardly a reason to give up. This moment in the journey is key for strategizing and making sure that you can present your idea as a unique offering that people will truly be able to leverage. We have provided counseling to a number of clients on market research and how to go about using their data pool to create a product that truly stands out, and the customers will love. It’s all a matter of having good data, and analyzing it properly.
  2. Device compatibility: most people have smartphones, but not all smartphones were created equal. iPhone and Androids, PCs, Macs, iPads & tablets… if you want your product to reach as many people as possible, it needs to be optimized to function to its top performance ability from the get-go.
  3. Navigation: developers can read and code in many systems, but user experience is not just an expression, it’s a need. You need time to test and try your app with different age groups that can attest to its usability and interface as you grow in users.

Now, remember the bonus point? This is actually more of a central component, and it is finding the developer who will work with you to understand your idea and materialize it into a tangible experience. That’s where we can really help. At Lagash we’ve been helping startups get their ideas for applications off the ground and every new idea has come with its own set of challenges that has prepared us for the next application. Our experience and our team are the perfect combination that can be leveraged for your needs at a very reasonable price for outstanding value. Ready to take off with your idea? Contact us now!