AI Tools for Customer Service that Every SME Must Implement

Small and mid-sized companies tend to have extremely limited budgets when it comes to their growth and expansion plans, marketing, or any other line item that isn’t part of the standard daily operations. Because of this, any time that there are actual innovation funds allocated, it’s hugely beneficial to leverage top of the line technologies that make it feel like there are more employees than what the company actually has, especially if the impact of the technology can be directly appreciated by customers and improve the bottom line.

One of the best investments that any company can make is in any technology that can be boosted by artificial intelligence, which has slowly but surely started to become more and more widely used. We’ve talked about chatbots and virtual workforces at length, so let’s tackle some unexpected yet intrinsic uses of AI driven technology:

  1. CRM with embedded artificial intelligence: if you thought your customer relationship management tool couldn’t get better, think again. Embedding CRM with artificial intelligence brings the best of customer management and data analysis together by providing benefits like predictive lead scoring, forecasting, recommendations, and natural language search. Let the system be your guiding light in evaluating customer outcomes while your sales or marketing teams leverage that information to do what they do best, with a better chance of success.
  2. Big Data with AI: if you have massive amounts of data, we have good news for you – AI can make them useful like never before, and the more big data, the better the AI results. As he data is fed into the artificial intelligence engine, it becomes smarter and more knowledgeable. As a hybrid technology, it still requires human interaction, but mainly AI is useless without data, and you can’t make the most out of your big data without AI.
  3. Marketing & Project Tools Running AI: marketing has one of the easiest tools to intertwine with AI and easiest to explain to the public: social media. With the amount of data and customer information readily available online these days, artificial intelligence can be leveraged in marketing to create incredibly accurate customer profiles with true predictions of customer needs, wants, and behaviors, making the sale more likely.

Now, knowing the power and availability of artificial intelligence to unleash the true potential of any tool or solution is not enough to get the optimal results you’re looking for in your business, as we’ve seen time and time again that using existing technologies might not give you the best outcomes as a one-size-fits-all approach is too basic to actually fit all the possible variables. So what is your best bet? Analyzing your current operations and customer needs and partnering with a software developer that won’t just throw a canned and pre-packaged solution your way, but will actually marry the artificial intelligence to your tools in the perfect way for you to make the most out of your investment.

Customer service has been the key to success for many businesses, and in the current market it can really make or break a company, or even an entire industry if the right disruptive offering comes along. By leveraging not just AI, but the right deployment of artificial intelligence coupled with solutions that are custom-made with your customer’s needs in mind, you can reach new levels of success you can’t even imagine. At Lagash we specialize in exploiting the potential of existing technologies with those that can punch up your whole strategy by digitally transforming your company, and artificial intelligence is just one of them. Get in touch with our team of experts that can help you assess your possibilities and get ready to reap the benefits of AI when it’s made uniquely for your business, and customers.