Harnessing Intelligent Process Automation to Optimize Customer Outcomes

Harnessing IPA to Optimize Customer Outcomes

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is the umbrella under which all of the new technological advances that provide a path to automate more company operations fall. Just as IPA combines and creates a chain between multiple technologies that all affect the performance of the next one (robotics, workflow, machine learning, natural-language generation, etc.), the impact it creates also ripples through all areas of the company that implements it, leading directly to customer outcomes and impacting the bottom line.

One of the aspects our customers are most surprised by when they’re gearing up for a digital transformation is when we make the biggest emphasis on the people/human component of it, and we get it, it sounds counterintuitive to emphasize humans when talking about digital. But the truth is, everything that IPA enables and makes possible will greatly impact the employees and customers.

Regardless of industry or sector, IPA is an invaluable tool that when deployed to its fullest potential and with the right strategy behind it, it’s designed to remove simple, mindless tasks from the plates of employees, leaving room for them to be placed in more challenging roles where they add value through their expertise and hard skills. This change is the most overlooked aspect of IPA because again, the direct impact of it is seen on the human component, but when you think about it, that’s exactly what technology is intended to do: make our lives easier.

This one factor alone creates ripples of positive effects on the company overall, as reported by many, including this McKinsey study, including:

  1. Added productivity for employees to be able to invest their time on tasks that they get a sense of fulfillment from for their contribution
  2. Increased morale when employees are happy with their accomplishments and know they are of value to the business
  3. Decrease of clerical mistakes as the manual work is cut down and much of it is a copy/paste operation for the machine
  4. Smoother process handoffs in workflows between humans and robots
  5. Workforce augmentation without additional salaries required. The digital workforce joins the human force in full swing

With all of those factors and more in motion, it’s not hard to see how this increase in productivity and company morale directly translates into better interactions with customers, less issues both in front-facing environments and behind the scenes, and opportunities to grow and accommodate an even bigger customer audience. And all of this together, seamlessly and positively impacts the bottom line.

Once companies of all sizes understand this, their potential is limitless. Not only is this approach hugely beneficial, but it’s also imperative in order to survive long-term in a world where there will be newer players coming in with the latest technology, offering new levels of convenience and possibilities to your customers. It’s in your hands to remain a vital fighter in this camp, and the solution doesn’t come without support. Here at Lagash, we understand digital transformation and we can make it happen for you in a smooth, transitional way that doesn’t disrupt your operations, but does massively improve and impact your workforce, your customers, and your bottom line.