How Ad Hoc Technology Can Be Your Best Growth & Expansion Ally

Technology can help a business accomplish many things as we have discussed in previous blogs, but one of the most important things that technology can set you up for is scalable, sustainable growth. An increase in customers usually means needing bigger infrastructures, a larger workforce, increased security and bandwidth reach, etc. but the key aspect here is recognize where your business has potential for growth and create solutions “ad hoc” or for this specific area from the get-go, so that when the growth spurt hits, it does so without missing a beat.

Most new companies these days are created with a short and long-term path to expand once certain milestones are hit. For companies that are already established, this is something that every c-level executive and board member is focused on. When growth is at the top of your to-do list, how do you ensure that you achieve it within the ranges you desire?  

The first step in this journey is to complete an ad hoc analysis, which can be done as needed and is intended to address data analysis that is not tackled by the regular reporting cadence of the business. An ad hoc analysis can leverage big data in order to better understand how the business may slow down due to a need for more resources, as well as determine where to place them to make the most impact.

Think about it this way: when a business hits a growth spurt, it needs to determine how that growth impacts all areas and how to make sure that customers are not affected by the transitional moment where new ranges or measures are implemented. An ad hoc solution can be created for that specific need in that moment in time as a sort of bridge to get you to the next level of stable operations. This gives businesses the flexibility of working with current solutions without having to undergo through deep institutional changes across the board before they are needed.

The best way to leverage ad hoc technology though is to plan for it from the beginning. By analyzing operative capabilities, process scalability, customer service needs, etc. the tools that technology makes available for businesses is what enables growth in a seamless, natural way, where neither the customer nor the business itself suffers too much while it adapts to its new normal.

Another example of a way to leverage specific analyses and solutions would be if a business acquires another company. Acquisitions are the fastest way to grow and be able to offer a new product or service to your customers, but that process will also bring a steep learning curve as the newly acquired employees get acclimated to your company, and your business makes adjustments to have a continuous operation without a hitch. There will probably be a need for temporary cadences while everyone adapts that can go away eventually, once that grace period is over.

The bedrock of Lagash as a software developer is to enable businesses to do what they do best in a competitive setting, and leverage technology to make them market leaders. We walk with our customers every step of the way to ensure that every possible outcome is accounted for, and that when it’s time to grow, we can focus on celebrating the achievement instead of scrambling to meet the new needs of the business. The key to a successful scalable business is to plan for the growth and be ready when it comes, and the best tool to accomplish any challenge is through the use of technology. Whether your challenge is a necessary digital transformation that will take your company through to the next age or era of business opportunities or a tried and true strategy to grow and evolve, Lagash is here to make that happen on our own terms and timeline, with solutions that are custom built for your needs, specifically. Let us know how we can help!