4 Tips to Build a Digital Customer Experience

Commonly known as CX (Customer eXperience), is defined as the interactions between a customer and any given organization during a certain period of time. In other words, it is a two-way street where information flows back and forth on a dynamic loop between a user and a business company. The consumer interacts with a company’s digital interface and evaluates it, then on the other side, the data retrieved from the customer is used to improve the services provided, better options are implemented and next time, on the client’s side, it is evaluated as a good or bad experience when using that company’s digital again, making a new evaluation that restarts the whole cycle.

Key steps to success

This is why it is so important to maximize CX potential, regardless of the chosen system, and here are :

  • Focus on client
  • Always deliver
  • Communication
  • Platform

Focus on client

Since technology has taken over the world, services focused on customer satisfaction have exponentially improved, thus making clients more demanding and consequently, customer needs are now the tip of the spear for those who want to survive today in the actual marketplace. The digital presence of a company has to meet as many customer needs as possible, if not all of them. At present times, it is mandatory to know what the consumer is asking for, before offering the product or service. To do this, a study on the customer’s demeanor, motivations and technological knowledge must be done and to do that, very powerful technological tools must be deployed. The kind of tools able to manage staggering amounts of information and deliver results with the highest quality standards.

Always deliver

Customer experience is made up of three parts known as:

  • Customer journey: It is the entire process that any customer has to go through when buying something.
  • Brand interface: Is the interactive platform deployed by the company, used by the client to interact.
  • Environment: Stands for the content and activities within the interactive interface.

Since people are complex living beings that experience a rational, physical, spiritual, sensorial and emotional involvement when performing any task reacting on a different way to direct and indirect contact, it is easy to figure out that an outstanding customer experience can only be given by developing a digital environment which contents match perfectly the clients’ expectations when interacting with the company’s brand interface, making a customer journey so enjoyable that every visit delivers a new regular.

But, how could all of the client’s expectations be met?. Well, this can be by taking advantage of all the information gathered from the interactions at the brand’s digital interface, and using it to turn the visit into a more interesting and friendly adventure each day. Their behavior and interests shown during a visit are solid gold on this matter. Know the client, offer an experience with clean, easy and coherent options, including always some unique characteristics to make it glow amongst the others.

Once done, be sure to follow this rule: “Always deliver”. On one side, always deliver every improvement developed based on the data retrieved from customer interactions and, on the other side, always deliver what promised, if the digital interface displays any given options, make sure every option does exactly what it says it does!, otherwise, the customer journey will be interrupted and all efforts will go down the drain.


Customer experience and communication are so tightly linked together that finding better ways to engage customers through communication becomes a sure bet, since it is the new battlefield. Communication is the most convenient way for companies to acquire and retain new clients. Usually, after mapping customer experience and making the decisions to go multimedia, perhaps the tendency is to think that everything is already sorted out, but it is not quite that simple indeed.

So far, when an interactive experience is taking place, no matter what its nature may be, sometimes certain inquiries can not be properly addressed by automated resources and eventually, customers would need to sort out these issues by talking straight to a human. This is why an online contact service has to be considered and added in many cases so that the platform is complete, for example, financial services is one of many that cannot be handled completely by an AI machine.


Finally, all the previous steps can only be brought in to reality by designing and developing a hardware and software structure capable to perform every task required above. Here is where tailor made platforms engineered by Lagash jump in the landscape since they provide strong systems to support and execute digital solutions by optimizing the required IT structures. Using the latest methodologies, they deliver results you can definitely rely on.