Is the level of technological orientation of your company enough for your customers?

The current digital world has become a place where companies of all sizes battle to get a market share. Using all sorts of e-tools, business attract customers and try to gain their loyalty. The relationship between a client and a company has never been so direct and easy, due to the technological advances and new channels that keep a fluent communication between parties.

Some new tools allow companies to track and trace the way a customer uses their website, how purchases are made and how clients change their minds. After gathering all this information, some strategies are developed to understand their commercial behaviour. A propertool leads and dominates the actions of an enterprise and engenders activities meant to ensure its viability and accomplishment.


When a company is set to compete on the online business world, there are some techniques they need to acquire in order to face such a competitive market. Regarding communication, there exist many tools that connect  with a customer. By using an e-mail strategy, for example, any company can make the difference between a simple purchase or a long lasting relationship with the customer. Moreover, it is now more common to get a chatbot where companies directly communicate with clients to supply any information needed, or to solve surfer’s doubts or inqueries to assure a successful sale.

When geolocation services were being developed, most of the top companies betted on the implementation of this resources. Thus, when a random customer would search for a service or product, they could offer different services depending where exactly the applicator is, so they could offer a more customized experience

This trends have lead to the research of important studies. One of them, explores how technology orientation combines with innovation to inspire the business of companies in today’s market, showing that technology orientation influences business performance, not in a direct manner but through innovation. Some companies have raised to supply help on this matters. And at a multidimensional level, combining it with some other strategic conceptions such as learning orientation, entrepreneur orientation, market orientation or for this particular example, customer orientation. Researchers have found out that by applying a mix of this concepts, the result is a much better company performance. This is why companies with a deep understanding of this concept, have a successful trajectory applying technological orientation to their internal processes and on the services they provide.

Technological education

Considering the fact that actual times require higher levels of specialization as time goes by and the importance of having a good technological orientation applied to improve performance through innovation in today’s leading enterprises, the need for a very well-structured education on automation becomes imperative.

On a personal basis, only by being technologically educated, a company become focused on how to interpret and transform modern reality. A prepared company must acquire the necessary abilities to make an effective, efficient, safe and correct use of technologies.

Education always comes on the human landscape to enlighten, in this case, exposes the path that needs to be followed in order to know how to deal with complicated hardware operational functions, no matter if this must be done by using mechanical ways or through convenient high-tech software interfaces. Allows you to become familiar with the latest tech-tools, such as CRM for example. By using this software, companies can offer a personalized service to their clients due to a higher level of communication management provided by this program.

The importance of an after sales services is notorious when talking about the relationship between the costumer and the company, because it monitorizes the following steps right after a sale is done. Thus, a company will get ahead if a communication code after the purchase is set. Ways to get this can result just by adding a simple chatbox to keep the customer aware he’s just been doing business with the company and anything would be done to help again. Other common tools that companies implement to offer a superb service is a selling system that could manage a full range of products or services, the way they are delivered and the payment methods, all in one. Companies experiment a different way to work, with a much organised and detailed schedule, working forward and staying ahead the work to be done.

Online store as an alternative

When applying new technologies, the increment of sales can be reached by adding an e-shop to the main website of any corporation. It becomes necessary to deliver a nice experience for the customer when visiting the e-shop, with fast and attractive design to keep the customer entertained while purchasing.

Understanding of technology

On this digital era, working and developing ITC education is what are Universities focusing on, teaching to use automations appropriately. So, companies are considering the following points to broaden their culture about this matter:

  • Technology if not appropriately managed, can be a problem more than a solution.
  • Ethics applied to tech are always a safe bet.
  • Very often, technology is developed without considering its users.
  • Any company can be a genius creator of new tech.
  • Today is a good point to count on the services provided by software companies.
  • Tech is connected to fashion as much as to function.
  • Technology managed by ignorant hands is a huge peril.

Stay connected to the customers

Social medias has become a direct way to communicate with customers. They become quite more interested on popular Facebook or Instagram accounts than ever. So, top companies that want to set a new niche find the opportunity to do so by appearing in a formal way on the main social media.

Take a few minutes to evaluate if your company is using the installed technology correctly or if it requires certain developments to really satisfy your consumer. If your target has a strong technological behavior, you may find some tips to attract them in our post about Hyper connected Customers

We can enable your company to find new ways to do business by technology. By hiring Lagash services, any entrepreneur will master the properly e-tools strategy to offer their clients a proper service.