How to transform traditional business into a digital one

Top companies in any business market, make use of technology to take over many aspects of companies´ activities. Almost every existent enterprise has learned that through high-tech, the company becomes more efficient. Consumers throughout the world, are getting more used to live relying on it because the net has become a place where technology grows in an unstoppable way as so has its usage. What on earlier days was taken care of by sales personnel, today is managed by an automated machine, an online retailer or a virtual assistant. As it may see by now, it is absolutely necessary for companies to be present in the digital field.

How can it be done?

In order to provide a super customer service based on a better communication channel companies develop and implement different strategies. How to transform traditional business into a digital one?. Well, it can be easily done by implementing the appropriate digital platform along with proper training for the personnel on four key areas:

  • Customer Service
  • Human resources
  • Internal processes
  • Products

Customer service

Since this is of the utmost importance for any company, a term known as “Customer Relationship Management” has been developed to define the system implemented to study every interaction with customers so that all feedback is analyzed in depth and used to improve consumer satisfaction. Technology handles all of this information in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Digital platforms, from websites and cloud  to apps, allows the owner to have a very rich data feedback on the customers, as well as wonderful follow-ups on the entire processes. The most important thing here is that, the more friendly the platform is, the bigger the probability for a customer to become a regular and loyal one is. The more options a platform has to offer, the more attractive for the user it will be. UX is the way you can fulfill customer expectations by understanding their journey and developing a platform that really connect with their emotions and experiences.

Human resources

Technology has changed the way human resources operate today compared to previous decades, when for example, a common practice was to ask for a resume and have the applicant called for a personal interview. High-tech makes HR area, way more efficient, people in search for a job, can now fill out an application online using the company’s website. The entire process results on a great deal of time and paper saved. Interviews can be now performed via online as well, which brings people closer, no matter where they may be on the planet at the time of the meeting. So far, these advantages speak out loud for themselves.

The use of technology on HR area, helps the staff to keep a closer touch within the company: Schedules, memos, projects and so on, can now be delivered instantaneously on an individual basis. Individual or general meetings can be performed using the company digital platform. Some other advantages such as data analysis and higher levels of security regarding handling of information can be easily observed when technology is adopted.

Internal processes

As for internal processes, implementation of a digital structure in the company, definitely enhances order, discipline and continuous growth. Since process is defined by the dictionary as a series of actions or steps taken towards the achievement of a particular goal, it can be seen with no effort that transforming an input in a determined output after the use of some tools with order and discipline, is exactly what technology does to help deliver excellence in results that guarantee an unstoppable growth.

Also, an important process where it helps a great deal is in marketing, since today, purchasing ads in magazines and written media or having a sales staff going from door to door is not the only way to market products, Internet has shown up on the landscape as the perfect high-tech tool to intervene in you processes so that through social media, and countless other ways, digital means continue to help the progress.


Technology helps any company to deliver excellence. It is applied to all aspects of the life of the business. Improves the quality of whatever the company products or services  are, along with all stages of the production process. It increases productivity by speeding up line of production; profitability by gathering all sorts of data needed to help in the study of costs and investments so that margins can be maximized. It reduces waste of materials due to its extreme accuracy during production and enhances internal communications thanks to its omnipresence within your facilities´ hardware.

Now, with all this valuable information at hand, you can set eyes on the idea that designing and developing a digital platform in a company, is a sure bet without a doubt!.