Ways to increase the productivity and profitability of your company through technology

Globalization has forced enterprises to think on how to redefine its services, strategies and processes in an innovative and sustainable way to survive and succeed in the current highly competitive market place. That is why technology is nowadays, a company’s best ally when it comes to increasing productivity and profitability, and a great deal of attention must be focused on it. Technology has become an important part of everyday life.

Customers are today easily accessed via smartphones, laptops and tablets, etc and companies need to work their way through the digital universe to get in touch with consumers. The consequences of not doing so, can mean the end of the business.

High-tech to the rescue

So, it is natural to expect companies to solve everyday problems with the aid of high-tech. All processes and activities in general speed up along with a substantial reduction of costs with the deployment of a digital platform, which all by itself results in an important increase of the productivity and profitability of your company.

Get started by considering all the time and money saved by technology. In one hand, traditionally, a huge amount of data from clients, competitors, providers or collaborators, was gathered manually, even today sometimes, sales representatives are seen taking notes to find out an adequate answer to the customer’s inquiry once at the office. This is actually unacceptable today. On the other hand, now we are facing an excess of information and data that requires time to be managed, organized and interpreted, this means that information is not delivered in a timely and reliable way for decision making. This makes the need for the implementation of digital systems to manage information imperative.

Digital is the key word now!

Digital technology innovation has reduced barriers in business, deal making is faster and more efficient, profits are substantially increased and planning ahead is benefited as well. In short, fluent processes favour sales and more work is done in less time, thus making profitability and productivity climb the hill of success.

So far, technology has proven to be all advantages but, exactly, how does it to get it done? Well, from the beginning, every area must have the appropriate tools to do whatever is done in that section, and also, all areas have to be interconnected to each other at the same time in order to get a much better communication.

To do that, some steps should be followed:

  • Enhance the existing tools
  • Design and develop a tailor-made hardware and software platform
  • Analyze and choose the proper and most up-to-date tools available
  • Use “Customer Relationship Management”
  • Develop Mobile Apps
  • Organize time
  • Set clear goals

Enhance the existing tools

Not everything from the past is useless, before any change is made, a good analysis on what is already installed needs to be done in order to be able to keep what is still good for usage and suitable for update.

Design and develop a tailor-made hardware and software platform

Now, hiring a company such as Lagash would be a real success since they are a team of professionals dedicated to use all the latest methodologies that deliver outstanding results in transforming traditional businesses into digital ones. Having a tailor-made digital platform that meets all the exact needs of a company most definitely boosts up productivity.

Analyze and choose the proper and most up-to-date tools available

Companies need to understand that increasing productivity through the use of technology is a blessing, however, individual requirements have to be carefully studied so that the right and specific high-tech tools are chosen.

Use “Customer Relationship Management”

This is a term that involves methodologies as well as digital and hardware tools. It is used to retrieve enough data in such detail from clients in an interactive way, that allows sales staff to meet every individual need by figuring out exactly what the requirement is. It is also good to design and provide more friendly plans and services along with internal future planning and decision-making based on all that data.

Develop Mobile Apps

Based on information gathered through CRM, a very powerful digital tool commonly used nowadays called App, can be developed. There are three kinds of app, known as Mobile app, Hybrid app and Web app. A quick explanation of these terms would be that a mobile app is developed specifically for mobile phones, a hybrid app is the one where a web browser can be accessed from within the mobile app and a web app resides in the cloud and uses web technologies.

Organize time

Is no secret that the path to success demands order and discipline, that is why setting a very well-structured schedule or agenda is crucial when increasing productivity, it is an important part of good planning.

Set clear goals

Setting goals is a powerful tool, and keeping them on top of mind is even more important. Daily, weekly and monthly reminders, keeps focus on the bigger picture. It is the easiest way to stay on track and reach successful results.