Lagash & Blue Prism: A Leading Alliance in Robotics Process Automation

Lagash & Blue Prism: A Leading Alliance in Robotics Process Automation

It’s shocking to find out that today, machines have the capabilities to take on tasks that characterize human intelligence like planning, comprehension and language stimuli responses, problem-solving, data analysis and pattern recognition, among others. All of this is made possible through machine learning, which is and will continue to be one of the biggest trends in technology in the years to come.

As it stands, the current technology allows us to:

  • Reduce human effort in repetitive and operative processes
  • Decrease the number of errors by eliminating human interaction, improving the quality of results
  • Downsize the number of resources required for the operation

This increase in operating efficiency offers great benefits to companies, since it allows the workforce to focus on the activities that actually add value to the business.

The use of machine learning techniques should be paired with platforms that allow for an agile implementation of the solutions based on Robots de Software (Software Robots). This alliance will make way for automatization of workflows, complex validations that will reduce operative efforts, extracting unstructured data, detecting patterns and correlations in documents, analyzing content, image recognition techniques and computer vision; maybe even interacting directly with the customer, which translates to efficiency for the company.

At Lagash we design digital solutions and we help our customers in the adoption of emerging technologies. The Robots de Software application includes process design based on machine learning, optimization and prediction models, data and content analysis, as well as the implementation of Robotics Process Automation.

Our technology service offering has grown exponentially with this new alliance in the area of data and analytics: Blue Prism, the leading platform in Robotics Process Automation, joins Lagash to offer our customers an integrated service in automatization strategies and cognitive solutions.