How to attract hyperconnected consumers

In today’s society, it is impossible to not notice that ubiquity of technology has taken over the lives of everyone in a staggering way. Thus, causing a conflict with the expectations of the current consumer on a very frequent basis because, the relation between consumer and the available brands has shifted dramatically. As a matter of fact, a new term to illustrate these phenomena had to be developed. Known as FOMO; it is defined by the dictionary as the state of anxiety driven by the possibility that a thrilling or interesting event may be currently happening somewhere else, and it is often caused by posts seen on social media.

Where to begin?

But this is not the topic today, since we will concentrate on how to attract hyper connected consumers, which is why you are here.

People in the United States and around the world are connected more than ever, and companies are forced to find new ways to gain acceptance through digital means of communication. Brands must develop plans focused on what strategies to follow to captivate those who do not care much about what companies have to say or what technologies to adopt, since a customer can shop using a laptop or smartphone from bed and have the product delivered to the doorstep.

A potential client in America can access all kind of reviews about the product before purchasing it, making this a matter of finding out how many searches or connections to different websites has a person had along the day. On a regular span, an average consumer will not pay attention for more than eight seconds, and this is even more critical when you have to deal with millennials or netGens who jump from one site to another at the speed of light. So, innovative resources have to pop-up on the visitors’ screens to make them stay connected to your website.

To get started, you should know and understand:

  • What are your customer’s needs?
  • What is it that interests people nowadays?
  • How can I quench client’s thirst for a new and impressive brand experience?
  • How to keep track on them?

In the era of hyper-connected customers, the key to success is to deliver a personalized brand experience. Making a profile on your client using data provided by his searches is a good approach to knowing who your customer is, what are his likes and dislikes and to know why he does what he does.

Actually, your consumers are in a figure of speech, “owned by technology” and they do not care about the fact that keeping track on them is quite a nightmare. They can subscribe to your site today, using one identification and three days later they subscribe again with a different set of data because they forgot the information used previously.

And when it comes to millennials, the expectations are for your brand to be present all-over digital media, from every social media website to influencers’ sites. They are the first ones to subscribe to every new platform and since they are a digital generation, they want to shop and acquire everything through digital devices, meaning this, that they will keep investing more and more on technology.

Captivating hyper-connected customers in the US can be done by:

  • Interactivity
  • Game-like design
  • SEO
  • Content

Interactivity helps you to get immediate answers to many corporative questions through instantaneous feedback while developing a digital relationship with your customers along with the possibility of gaining loyalty by rewarding your visitors on an immediate basis.

Game-like design is also a sure bet, giving your website or app the appearance of an online game is something that has proven to be a wonderful asset when captivating clients is about. The gaming industry has earned the captivation crown in digital media since it appeared on the map and continuous to do so with the netGens’ attention.

SEO, defined as Search Engine Optimization with a little bit of effort on you behalf a some money up front, this will boost your website up on the digital sky in no time, you will see your website get to the top, and once it is there, your traffic will be amazing and it will not drop back to nothing again, plus, you will not need to pay for thousands of ads, that cost you more and deliver less in comparison.

Content; there is really not much to say about this, content is all about what you have to offer. But if you If you communicate with passion what you achieve with your work, you will generate better connection with the client.

Real time monitoring network

At this point there is one thing left to say, something of a huge importance as well; and it is a “tip-of-the-spear” strategy for your company. This is, real time monitoring. Shopping trends belong to the past, everything now is about going digital and omni-channel. Modern resources in technology have dramatically changed people’s lifestyle and the way in which people shop.

Your company may right now be confronted with new challenges that can be taken care of by moving on to a real time monitoring network and, by making strategic alliances with other companies, you can step into a unified one, with a much larger power on the web and media in general.

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