Standard Vs Custom Made: How to select a digital solution for your company.

In the business world of today, regardless of the goals of your company, you will need a good programming software to compete in your specific market. In case you can’t afford to hire a web developer to design your idea from the ground up, you can hire the services of a company as Lagash that assists you in making the right choice that best fits the requirements of your business. You can either opt for a standard or a custom-made digital solution to meet your requirements even though sometimes adapting a concept is simply not possible. This means you can customize and adapt a digital solution only to a certain degree.

With custom software, the results go further because the software is tailored and developed under the guidelines provided according to the area of use. Certainly, it will be necessary to pay for the development and the implementation of the solution that will contribute to the growth of your company. Finding the right path is up to you.

Surely, there’s a huge gap between the two types of technologies. Both have pros and cons. Here’s a rundown of what each one offers.

Standard software: Modern products to test

With standard software, your business can profit from almost everything. Your company benefits from your own investments, from the strength of your vendor, from the customer experience and from the flow of the market. Doing the right thing to meet the standard requirements is the key. At this stage, you can involve in compromises and even learn from the moves that your competitors make.

Even if you want to implement integrated applications, stay as close as possible to the standard product because that’s the easiest way to benefit from software innovations. You can benefit from documentation, software updates and new product developments. In this regard, you can then configure your BSI contact center, your BSI CRM and insurance program. Bear in mind that some specific configurations must be done on time because simple modifications are just not enough.

Referring to costs, this option is less expensive than any custom-made solution. The reason is because the provider makes the software that is intended to satisfy a large number of customers at once. This is one of the main reasons why customers still prefer standard software than the other one. Also known as off-the-shelf, they are ready for use once installed on a device like a desktop or laptop.

Plus, off-the-shelf products give you the opportunity to estimate accurately the total cost of your investment. You can keep track of the money spent throughout the lifecycle of the project. The problem with the standard solutions is that they don’t provide the same quality performance that custom-made solutions do.

Custom software – tailor made applications

With custom software, you can tailor the solutions and applications as per the area of use. They are made (or tailored) according to the customer’s requirements. These solutions sound perfect if they definitely represent an advantage for your business. The modifications are made according to previous calculations. Here are some questions you must give an answer to before proceeding:

  • What’s the difference between your company and competitors?
  • What processes should you use to give individual services?
  • What interfaces should you use to get a better and broader view of your customers?

However, many companies and entrepreneurs underestimate the time and cost of a custom-made digital project when they select a digital solution. They are harder to implement as they call for planning that involves costs and enhancements to ensure the final performance of the project. The design, headcount and enhancements take time. This is another factor to consider when choosing between a standard and a custom-made digital project. Not to mention that the latter will probably require updates in near future.

Custom software also implies hiring the right outsourcing. Standard projects don’t need them because the company purchases an already designed software application that has been distributed to other purchasers. Unlike custom digital projects, standard models have a fixed design which is updated according to the needs of a specific amount of enterprises competing in a field. Tailored digital projects, on their side, are better for those who want to definitely stand out from others.

Comprehensive software

Your company should provide comprehensive software with the objective to help those with more complex requirements. The standard functions will be developed when you provide this sort of digital solution. You receive the product from the customer to provide servicing. Your company needs to incorporate new software to your system once you have understood your business cases. You also have to supply with the workflow needed, because it will strengthen the relationship between you and your customer, ensuring you will be working together. Customers stay with companies that provide tailor-made services.

Specify and release

You need to specify when it comes to choosing the right path. Put your trust in your provider. After all, they will let you know whether standard adaptations will suffice or not. Some companies even provide workshops to give information about new software implications and change requests. They show how it will affect to your business in the short and long run. Bear in mind that deviations from the standard method will have some implications you should educate yourself about. Digital solutions like this must be also consulted to the company decision makers to prevent surprises in the future. Most of the times, standard with a deliberately intended degree of customization are preferred.

Costs tend to be higher here because it’s the client who decides the adaptations needed. If you want a custom-made software solution, you will spend a larger sum of money considering that the program in question will be tailored as your requirements and you are not benefiting from a program that has been distributed to a population of buyers.

Which is easier to implement?

Both are equally easy to implement. Coding is no longer a big deal for programmers nowadays. In the past, they used to burn the night oil creating codes. Today, programmers They use tools that accelerate their stages of encoding and testing and apply development methods and practices that allow them to have simple versions (MVP) of the softwate in a few days so they can finish a digital project more easily.

In terms of time, customized projects take longer because you will need to keep in touch with your team of programmers for any updates. A team of specialists will also need to make an assessment of your public’s requirement before launching a program. They ensure all your moves are accurately done.