What you need to consider before investing in a tailor-made software development.

Honesty is vital for any relationship to succeed. The same applies when you want to hire a custom software developer to make a program or an application for your business.  At Lagash, we know that communication is the first step before beginning any development. Negotiations go better when we follow this principle. Oftentimes, It can be difficult but it should never be left aside if the two parties want to reach an agreement about a project or a custom web application.

The first conversation regarding budget

The first thing to understand is the high cost of custom software development and programming. The service is expensive because there’s a lot at stake, and there are not too many people capable of doing this work. Add that to the fact that people want to sell their product, although they don’t want to admit it. In this regard, some developers just avoid these conversations about budget leaving the customer unaware of the high costs involved.

As a customer, you should ask the provider to have that conversation with you. Lagash never skips it because we know that budget is an important factor for any negotiation. We recommend you to get your facts straight with your project developer before taking any step. Ask the provider about the pros and cons if you are feeling sugar coated. The project developer must have an estimation of the project cost. Also consider the maintenance and improvements costs.

Have a conversation about a realistic plan

Look for a software provider that surely has a solid plan in place. This means that the developer must be able to share the plan in detail, so you have a clear idea about it. Something may be going wrong if he’s not willing to share the whole project plan with you. We, at Lagash, always share the plan fully with our customers in the most realistic way possible.

Sharing the techniques involved must also be a part of the conversation. Take your time and meet the team that’s going to help you. They must provide you  a hardcopy of the plan. At Lagash, we offer and create new plans and share them with the potential customers that contact us. Truth be told, in programming it is impossible to know everything. That is the reason why we offer the best software development.

Ask the provider to let you know what to do in case the plan falls apart

Software development is hard, meaning that the plan can fail when least expected. We are always researching in order to learn more because, as stated before, it is impossible to know everything about software development. Digital plans must be always updated and new changes added for improvement. The project team must be aware of that. Sometimes, the customer must work overnight with our team to make up for the new changes. At Lagash, we let you know that in our first talks. This means you will have to spend more money during the updating process and when you need to replace your software plan.

Why have you decided to invest in custom software and not in a standard package?

There are other things to consider before choosing a digital project. One of them is the return of investment, or ROI, can be huge if the custom software succeeds. However, running a project like this can take time, energy and resources. All these tasks can be transformed into a canned solution but there are still other factors to reconsider:

  • Of-the-shelf solutions cannot meet the needs of all customers individually. Canned solutions are better because they address people’s requirements more accurately. For customers with special needs, custom software may suit better.
  • Off-the-shelf solutions are rigid, which means that you don’t have the freedom to modify them in a meaningful way whenever you want to. You will be limited to only a few features and you will need to settle for those functions you feel unnecessary for your company development.
  • On the other hand, off-the-shelf solutions may not be compatible with new updates or programs out there. Your company must have special software to start and complete a task. You will need programs that allow you to finish tasks efficiently. For example, integrating your software with a set of APIs is a good idea if you are planning to build your own software.

Why you should consider canned solutions?

At times, canned solutions appear to be the ticket you need for your company’s growth. They are a more suitable choice for startups. Our team at Lagash is willing to help them too.

Custom software may be expensive but it’s the type of software that ensures the development of your company, especially if it is big. On the other side, canned solutions look more convenient for small businesses and first-timers.

Our team can help you

The above questions must be discussed before it’s too late. Our team clears everything up before the unexpected happens. This prevents you from getting disappointed and frustrated. You might feel disappointed, maybe, but it’s better than being blindsided.

Although these conversations are necessary, they are often avoided. If you haven’t discussed them yet, you should do it now.

Our team certainly has a lot of years of experience under their belts. We have understood that there are too few things clean cut in the programming arena. Working is much better when you are honest and transparent with your clients. We never say we are smarter than others; we say that we’ll do whatever it takes when something goes wrong, instead.

Building custom software can be beneficial in many ways. A good strategy is the only thing you must have here. Our company, Lagash, is willing to assist companies with the following characteristics:

  1. The ones with ideas that can catapult them to the ranking tops.
  2. The ones that have a large customer base so they won’t have problems to pay at the end of the project or when the project needs reinforcement.

If you are ready to embark in a custom project, feel free to contact our team Lagash. We are always prepared for a new engagement.

Or if your previous custom project has fallen apart, it’s never too late. You can still modify it, add new enhancements and give it another shot. Leaving the head in the sand can get things messier.