How to increase the loyalty of your customers

This is a matter that turns out to be very difficult to deal with, since there are many factors that need to be addressed in order to increase the loyalty of your customers in today’s very competitive market.

Get started by having clear that a very common fact is that loyalty and satisfaction are two different things that are wrongly interpreted on a very often basis since they are commonly considered as the same, but, they are not. Loyalty is a feeling that compels to be supportive or become an ally, and satisfaction is the pleasure derived from having your wishes, desires or needs fulfilled. With that information set in your mind, now you have a better place to get started.  


It is well-known that customer satisfaction needs to be measured to conceive an idea on how well the job is being done, which is good and necessary. After doing it, regardless of the fact that even when feedback probably delivers a very high rate, many clients continue to be unfaithful on the score. Sometimes the rating score doesn’t match with the level of satisfaction they get from your service, it is mainly due to better offers that had taken place recently.

So, if you want to change that, do not think only about finding a way to give lower prices every day, because you will not be able to do that forever. Instead of it, develop a strong brand  for your company. Indeed, the development of the brand is a secret that has brought big companies to the place where they are now (among many other things, of course). So if you want to be a big leaguer in the market and have your company become a titan on the international landscape, then, learn from the big organizations and develop your brand properly.

Customer attraction

At this point there are a few things you should take into consideration on your way up to success. Here, they are not necessarily listed in order of importance but, all of them are quite important:

  • Quality
  • Relationship
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Reward
  • Intuition
  • Service
  • Listen


This is something that definitely boosts customer loyalty, when you have to deal with a market that is crowded with products or services similar to yours. The best option you can manage your way out of the crowd is by offering an outstanding quality. As you can see, since it is a concept related to the characteristics that something has when compared against other things of similar nature. It is easy to figure out that you have to get to a point where your company can rely on the quality of your products to sale instead of relying only on your name.


On the other hand, building a steel-strong relationship with customers is a loyalty-delivering key to your company. Do your best to get as close as possible to your customers. Try to make them feel that when they step into your facilities, they are going inside a place as their own homes, make it a comfortable, nice and friendly place.

For your digital customers if they get in touch through an app or any other high-tech platform available today, make it fun, interesting and captivating so that your company is seen and felt as a friend. But most importantly do it all with honesty. This will increase the loyalty of your customers.


Every website user has a favorite place as every person has a favorite place. It can be a park, a theatre, a restaurant perhaps; but, if you want your company to become one of those favorite places you must deliver honesty. Not only have a place where people can buy whatever they are looking, also make them feel your company is trust worthy.

So, never deceive your clients, deception is a bullet straight to the heart of any business. Being authentic makes people think about your enterprise every single time they need a brand that can really be trusted, it does not matter what you sell, if you always give what is best for the client, you will see him coming back for more. Responsibility, authenticity, respect, sincerity and accessibility are business promoters by themselves.


One powerful customer attraction tool is the reward. Always give your clients some reward, people feel more appreciated whenever some of what they give comes right back at them. This gifts can be in the form of lower prices, discounts for quantity, free items now and then depending on the purchases, extend frequent buyer discount cards or team up with other companies so that at the end amongst many other ideas, all can be benefited along the road.


A tremendous challenge you have to face as a professional running a business is making decisions. You as everyone else, ask for opinions but at the end, you are alone and have to trust your gut. It is hard to do it since you are trained to trust opinions and experiences but, in many cases one can not wait for things to happen to begin working on solutions.

So, be intuitive, use your instinct, think ahead, take advantage of your natural condition to feel instead of thinking, to predict what your customers will want. You know that things can be fixed along the way as inconvenient appears but this may not be good when you deal with customers. First impressions remain and if the beginning is a bad experience you lost, just like that. Plain and simple.


Customer service is not just a matter of being polite, it continuously nurtures from experience, and when you bring it to an exceptional level, affects your business growth and boosts the value of your brand as well as the loyalty of your customers.


High quality products and excellent customer service is important but, if you do not listen to your clients then you are doomed. Using your relationship with your buyers to listen and interpret their desires will help you have a wonderful feedback, which is essential to nurture the success of your company.

In short, if you want your company to shine in today’s market with its competitive environment, following the previous information will most surely guarantee you an important increase in customer loyalty.

Remember, small changes create great impact in Customer Satisfaction. Try to improve their experience by taking care of this recommendations.