How to increase your sales through technology

In today’s business market it doesn’t really matter if your company has not much to do with the technology world. Every single business is able to increase the sales by simply using and implementing some tech tools. Every day customers  around the world are becoming more and more used to deal with this kind of software in their daily life, since the world has become a place with an unstoppable high-tech growth and where almost every company needs a digital presence.

The need for a technology based company that meets the expectations of your customers has become imperative. So if your sales team gets the proper training on specific tools to do follow-ups and also on conversational bots to communicate and answer your website visitors, this will boost your sales as never seen before.


There are several ways to increase your sales trought technology. If you are facing big challenges and like to use the latest technology available, then one of the solutions that will properly match your needs is Lagash. This company is dedicated to design and develop digital products and platforms that allow you to relax while they carry on the required digitization changes and conceive your digital products using methodologies based on continuous research to get your company to the summit of your business field.

Also some trends, when put together, can definitely change your sales direction to the up going way. Here you will see some of them and their specific advantages that will help you to understand a bit more how your business can benefit from them.

  • Cloud technologies
  • Social media
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Mobile platforms
  • Enhancing sales staff efficiency through CRM
  • Apps
  • E-mail
  • Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP)

Cloud technologies

This is a trend that definitely improves sales, its flexibility makes it perfect for small, medium and large companies, causing no additional costs since you do not have to spend  lots of money on new hardware and software. Besides, you get quality storage, at the same time you will not need to hire professionals to manage it.

Some other advantages of this tool are: Improves the agility of your business, scalability and flexibility due to the cloud’s pay-per-use model, data security and backup, increased collaboration when integrating communication pluggins in your company’s browser, automatic updates and easy management.

By embracing this web-based tool your sales staff will improve efficiency and help the team become more agile to increase productivity.

Social media

On its basis, social media is nowadays a very powerful tool to build up relationships with your clients and for sharing information with your business associates. Using them helps your customers become closer and develop a connection to you. Clients that identify with the information posted, feel higher appreciation towards it and will create a connection to your brand. Also, they are cost effective and have a specific target audience.  Thus, sales will increase.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

A CRM is an implemented system that companies use to manage any client interactions, dealing with future and current customers, improving and systematizing professional relationships. The implementation will bring only success, sales will dramatically rise and sales teams will manage the information  that will allow them to be conscious of exactly what the customer needs are and expand business in other ways instead of stepping on each other paths due to a better communication.

Mobile platforms

The most important advantage here is that they deliver fresh ideas to sales representatives because they accelerate the process of updating accounts and help to speed up the exchange of information between customer and sales representatives that leads to better opportunities in how to deal with special clients, detect customers not easy to please and convince them to become regulars.

As Manager or CEO, you can gain more control over your enterprises, get a better approach to your staff as well as improve surveillance on the team, so planning and forecasting become more accurate.

Enhancing sales staff efficiency through CRM

Customer relationship management has changed a lot over time and will continue to change. To improve it in a way that your client or potential client experience turns out to be comfortable while dealing with your sales technology, you need to make it more and more user-friendly every day, thus making your sales scale up at rocket speed.


Today, one of the most, if not the most powerful tool to improve CRM is a mobile app. Designed to perform a specific function for the user, it’s suitable to improve your CRM platform, it helps on achieving your goals related to fast information feedback and sale follow up from the very beginning to the end, only depending on how friendly the experience for the customer was, to gain many new possible buyers that most likely will continue to stop by and become regulars. Soon, you will find that the more features your app has, the more attractive for the public it will be.


E-mail is a humble tech tool that has a great power since mailing lists are one of the less expensive ways to make your sales scale up. Sometimes they show their power after the customer has become a regular and your relationship with him has come to a point where a more direct contact can take place without losing your professional image, which can make your business improve over time.

Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP)

VoIP is a type of phone-like internet communication that has been in use for over a decade and still continues to be in use because it has shown to have the ability to increase your sales many times over. It allows you and your sales team to access your data in real time throughout your entire company or dig down to a specific person or client.

At the same time, it gives you the advantage of monitoring the activities of your employees and evaluate the way they interact with your customers so that failures can be worked out and gain competitive advantages. Due to its flexibility, it integrates with e-mail and video conferencing.